Joaquin Phoenix sheds a tear of blood over the massacre of the pigs at the Cuori Liberi shelter

Joaquin Phoenix, who has always been close to the cause of animal rights and against speciesism, published a post on IG in which he cries and is indignant at the violent massacre of the pigs preserved and cared for in the Italian shelter Cuori Liberi.

Anyone who follows the news that talks about animals, which is generally not given much prominence in our country, certainly knows about the blitz carried out yesterday morning by “dozens of police officers in riot gear” with the staff of the local health authority (basically veterinarians), for the killing of 10 pigs kept and cared for in the shelter Free Hearts in Sairano, in the province of Pavia. Despite the opposition of animal rights activists, three of whom were slightly injured, there was nothing that could be done and the animals were killed. The news did not escape notice Joaquin Phoenixalways anti-speciesist, against intensive animal farming and obviously vegan and committed, like Mobyin battles for the rights of those who cannot defend themselves, who commented on the incident on his Instagram account with a Photo which shows him with a tear of blood and a indignant postas well as in his Stories where he declares his solidarity with the Free Hearts Project.

Joaquin Phoenix with the activists of the Free Hearts Project: what he wrote

These are the words that accompany the eloquent photo of Joaquin Phoenix:

What happened today to @progettocuoriliberi_odv ​​is shameful. All the pigs in the Italian refuge were killed by the state and the authorities, the veterinarians who are supposed to save lives took them away without mercy. It is a day of mourning and sadness, this inhuman action must not go unnoticed, please share! Dozens of police vans for innocent animals who had homes and families, who were cared for and loved. My absolute support to all those who defended life and liberty for two weeks. We are with all of you!

Because the pigs of Free Hearts were killed

The reason for the slaughter of the 10 pigs in the shelter is an order from the Pavia Health Protection Agency after the discovery of eight outbreaks of swine fever, following which as many as 33,000 pigs have been slaughtered from August to today. Among the 10 specimens from the Cuori Liberi refuge, some were perfectly sani, coming from farms or from contexts in which they had been mistreated, some were healthy carriers of the disease but were monitored, followed, treated and not intended for human consumption. Despite this and the protests of all the activists, it was decided not to make exceptions and the methods of execution are truly impressive. It is therefore not surprising that the indignation of Joaquin Phoenixwho also commented with affection and solidarity on video from the Free Hearts Project in which the rumors that the animals in their custody were “dying” and killed out of mercy are denied, as some authorities present at the blitz claimed (we invite you to visit the IG page to verify). To those who consider such indignation exaggerated, we remind you that the degree of civilization of a country is measured by the way in which it treats the weakest and most defenseless beings, who are not always and necessarily human, and that those who mistreat animals often end up doing harm to his peers.


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