In addition to Bruce Willis, Quentin Tarantino would also like another Pulp Fiction actor in the cast of The Movie Critic

In The Movie Critic, health permitting, we could see Bruce Willis again but also another actor whose career was relaunched by Tarantino. At least according to the usual well-informed people…

The wait is growing The Movie Critictenth – and at the moment last, but never say never – film by Quentin Tarantino. As is known, the film is set in 1977 and features a deputy critic, whose reviews “were a cross between the first Howard Stern and Travis Bickle of Taxu Driver if he had been a critic”. Apart from the lead role, which could be played by Paul Walter Hauser (at least this was before the actors’ strike that shut down Hollywood), word had surfaced that Tarantino wanted for a cameo Bruce Willis, health conditions permitting. Now, however, other rumors are arriving, from the usual Hollywood insiders, according to which there would also be a character for another actor Pulp Fictionlet’s see who it is, but in the meantime you can understand it from the tweet (or whatever it’s called now) embedded below.

John Travolta in The Movie Critic?

Well yes, the actor is “rumored” for a role in Tarantino’s tenth film John Travoltato which the director gave new fame when he fished him out of oblivion in 1994 to entrust him with the role of gangster Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction. Jeff Schneiderthe journalist who spread the rumor, talks about two roles without specifying whether the first will or should go to Willis, but for the other, as you have seen, he is rather explicit, given that he published a now famous meme taken from Pulp Fiction. If both rumors are confirmed, it would be the first time the two actors would appear together in the same film in thirty years. Of course it would be nice, just in case The Movie Critic was really the last film of Quentin Tarantinofearful of dirtying a practically perfect career as the years pass, finding on the screen the faces of the actors he taught us to love again.

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