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The Expendables 4, the review of the weakest film in the saga

Ten years later, Sylvester Stallone he came back with The Mercenaries 4. The fourth chapter of a franchise born for fun, among Sly’s friends, the most famous faces of American action cinema, involved in the three previous films. The fourth chapter of the successful saga – at least until now – tribute to the action of the Eighties and Nineties, after considerable delays in the production phase, the September 21, 2023.

In this fourth film, the team is made up of some historical members played by Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture e Sylvester Stallone; to which are added the new entries Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, Megan Fox, Tony Jaa, Iko Iwais, Jacob Scipio, Levy Tran e Andy Garcia.

Megan Fox, Jacob Scipio And Andy Garcia In 1 Mercenari 4 Credits Vertice 360
Megan Fox, Jacob Scipio And Andy Garcia In 1 Mercenari 4 Credits Vertice 360

An embarrassment for everyone

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Despite a budget of 100 million dollars, the film is the weakest of the saga. The project has lost all the luster and brilliance of what could be labeled as a genre action “raw”, fun and carefree. When you think about films with these characteristics, it is clear that you do not have high expectations of seeing a film Kubrick. There are many problems for the classified film R (VM18), becoming the lowest point of the entire saga due to the horror of it Expend4bles that he brings to the screen.

The aesthetic is that of a film Direct-To-Video of 1995, with the effects CGI of an “ugliness” bordering on the improbable. In addition to the numerous chase scenes, at speed on tanks, planes or ships and the clearly fake backdrops, other problems arise. The prospects. Everything is staggered, from the size of the people on the boats, turning the film into something less than a direct-by product Tom Wiseau.

Well-known actors are not enough

Beyond Stallonethey return to the cast Jason Statham e Dolph Lundgren. The first is practically the protagonist of this fourth chapter. We try to focus the story on him, but, despite Statham he tries and proves once again that he is credible in these tough, immortal roles that no bullet ever seems to dent him, the result is a bad copy of John Wick.

With the interpreter of Deckard Shaw in the saga of Fast and Furious, also comes back Dolph Lundgren (the historian Ivan Drago of Rocky 4). Lundgren in recent years he has fought against cancer and his difficulties can be understood and seen. His character is structured by playing with old age and vision problems, as he is the team’s sniper. Beyond Andy Garcia who acted best in the commercial of a well-known Italian amaro, Stallone try to widen the target inserting two new additions to the cast with very strong names. Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson e Megan Fox.

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50 Cent, well-known singer and rapper who dominated the charts in the early 2000s, he is not an actor, and it shows. The only positive note – perhaps of the whole film – is a scene in which one of his songs starts, making everything very “nice”. End.

Then, there is Megan Fox, new mercenary of the group and lover of Statham, his performance is worthy of a sequel of the franchise (the “tamarous” and successful one) of Machete, con Danny Trejo. Apart from one scene that references the film with Brad Pitt e Angelina Jolie, Mr e Mrs Smith (deceptive scene seen in the trailer), Megan Fox remains more of a magazine character than gossip what an actress. Her best role remains that of Carla Santini in the film with Lindsay Lohan, How difficult it is to be a teenager.

Jason Statham In I Mercenerai 4 Credits Vertice 360
Jason Statham In I Mercenerai 4 Credits Vertice 360

A story-plot without development

The film tries to have a plot, style Call of Duty, but the narrative development immediately loses logical sense and new characters are placed in the middle, without the slightest in-depth analysis. The action scenes could entertain a more general audience, lovers of explosions and blood, well orchestrated fights, but we are not at the levels of Michael Bay. In a historical period where a film like Oppenheimer grosses 900 million per box office, it means that even the general public is starting to understand and see how certain things should be done and become obvious in a film. Until you go and see The Mercenaries 4.

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Caro Stallone now the damage is done, and the next film with your “friends” is shown in a private villa. So you don’t spend too much money on distribution. In fact, the question I ask myself is whether the film will be able to make up for the enormous budget spent, and my curiosity is entirely focused on knowing what this money was invested in.

How embarrassing.

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