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Big Brother VIP, Sonia Lorenzini: “Have I ended relations with Dayane Mello, the new Gf? The one who is being targeted…”

Big Brother VIP, Sonia Lorenzini: "Have I ended relations with Dayane Mello, the new Gf? The one who is being targeted..."

Sonia Lorenzini unbalances herself on the new competitors of the Gf and reveals the truth about the end of the relationship with Dayane Mello.

Sonia Lorenzini she was one of the most popular protagonists of Men and women he was born in Big Brother VIP. Guest of the last episode of Casa SDL, the talk show hosted by Giovanna Abate and Gabriele Parpiglia, the former tronista and gieffina talked about thefriendship ended with Dayane Mello and commented on it new edition of the Canale 5 reality show.

The truth by Sonia Lorenzini

Sonia Lorenzini gave a new interview to Casa SDL in which she spoke about herself without filters. The well-known influencer spoke about her debut in the world of music and her experience in the Casa del Big Brother VIP. Experience that allowed her to get to know and establish a friendship relationship with Dayane Mello, which however ended today:

I broke off all relationships with Dayane Mello. I am someone who spends a lot on others. When I say I’m someone’s friend, I mean it in words, gestures and deeds. For me, at 34 years old, there are values ​​that I carry with me, that my parents gave me and that I implement in everyday life and which are essential. Like respect in communicating…

If I arrange a collaboration, for example, with a structure where we are guests and I also arrange it on your behalf, you cannot tell me after an hour “no, I’m not coming anymore”. Because it’s not damage you do to me, it’s damage I do to a structure at the last minute and I find it a total lack of respect, not for me, towards the work of others. Even towards me, but this is another thing, because I am a person who overlooks many things. Let’s say this was the last episode, the straw that broke the camel’s back, that’s it.

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After revealing the reasons that led her to move away from Dayane, Sonia commented on the new edition of Big Brother. About the competitorsthe former gieffina revealed:

I’m honest, I didn’t watch Big Brother very much, I didn’t have the opportunity to follow it because I just returned from a special trip, traveling around Sardinia for more than a month. I’ve identified some personalities that I like, like Giselda, I really like her. I liked the girl who cooks, Rosy. I saw that although she takes action to do something positive in the House, she is a little attacked because she has this decisive character. This is what classically happens in every group of people. The one with the most personality is targeted, let’s say.

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