The teaser trailer for Suburræterna arrives: the spin-off of Suburra (VIDEO)

No one (or perhaps few) saw it coming, yet it is already here: Suburræterna, lo spin-off of the acclaimed Italian series Suburabased on the successful film of the same name Stefano Sollima from 2015, is coming out on Netflix. The ending of Suburra, which aired in 2020, left no doubt among spectators who were orphans of the cinematic mother work: a controversial conclusion, shocking to the point of distorting the mother work and claiming its non-canonical nature with Aureliano’s sacrifice ( played masterfully by Alessandro Borghi) in favor of Spadino (played by Giacomo Ferrara, who will now be the protagonist of the spin-off).

Now that a new cycle in the Suburra microcosm has been opened, it is Spadino’s time. He will be the protagonist of the spin-off Suburræternaout next November

The Netflix platform has therefore officially announced the arrival of the Suburra spin-off series with Giacomo Ferrara, Filippo Nigro, Carlotta Antonelli, Federica Sabatini, Marlon Joubert, Aliosha Massine, Alberto Cracco, Federigo Ceci and Giorgia Spinelli, publishing a first teaser trailer containing the official date and some short scenes of Spadino grappling with a new life, intent on burying (apparently in vain) the memories of the past. Below is the video:

The Suburra spinoff starring Spadino will therefore be available on Netflix starting from November 14th.

The spin-off of Suburra will be written by Ezio Abbate, Fabrizio Bettelli, Andrea Nobile, Camilla Buizza, Marco Sani and Giulia Forgione, the direction of the first four episodes will be entrusted to Ciro D’Emilio, while the next four to Alessandro Tonda, for a total of 8 episodes that will make up the first season of Suburræternasoon available on the platform Netflix.

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