One Piece: Emily Rudd recounts her terrifying (first) meeting with Oda

One Piece, the new Netflix product made public on August 31, 2023 with its first season divided into 8 episodes, amazed and made everyone agree from the first minute. Not a simple undertaking, made even more complex by an extremely demanding fandom like that of the master Eiichiro Oda, father of the manga and anime work of the same name which inspired the series starring Luffy and his ramshackle crew, traveling across the Seven Seas in search of Gold Roger’s treasure. A success, that of the series, which plants its foundations on the presence of Oda himself within the Netflix production, and which grows through a consequently faithful and a decidedly spot-on casting. In fact, it is no coincidence that the series was recently officially renewed for a second season and that the plans for this product are long, very long term (the producers have even spoken of a double-digit number of seasons). With the success of the series, speaking of casting, the fame of the performers who participated in the first season did not take long to grow. First of all, the revelation Emily Rudd in the role of Namiwho recently recounted some of his experiences on set.

Emily Rudd, in the company of the other protagonists of Netflix’s One Piece, spoke in an interview with Collider about her meeting with Oda

Among the various questions posed to the cast of One Piece, there is one that immediately terrified Emily Rudd and that concerns the first meeting with the manga artist Eiichirō Oda. The actress expressed herself this way:

“I was even able to meet the master Eiichiro Oda and it was without a doubt the scariest moment I have ever experienced in my entire life. He’s a lovely man, but I’ve always seen him as some kind of god. So at that moment I thought, ‘Oh man, I can’t. Hi, it’s nice to meet you,’ I felt myself shaking all over.”

Emily Rudd

All the emotion and awe of the actress towards the creator of One Piece is certainly a symptom of an enormous passion, one that Emily Rudd (also through her social media, in particular on her Instagram profile) has never hidden, for anime and in particular for the character of Nami.

The show will therefore return, deservedly, for a second season, after the successful debut last August 31st. The first season, meanwhile, is available on Netflix with its first 8 episodes.

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