Un Posto al Sole 20 September 2023: Tommy in danger

Previews of today’s episode Un Posto al Sole

What happens in the episode Of A Place in the Sun in onda Wednesday 20 September 2023? The planned week of programming for UPAS continues from 18 to 22 September 2023 premiered on Rai 3.

On these dates, as emerges from the Rai schedules, of the long-running Italian soap the episodes are broadcast 6276, 6277, 6278, 6279 e 6280broadcast every day from Monday to Friday from 20:50 about. Discover the previews of the episode below 6278 in onda Wednesday 20th September 2023 premiered on the third Rai channel.

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Previews of Un Posto al Sole episode 20 September 2023

In the next episodes of the Italian soap on air Wednesday 20th September 2023 Roberto (Riccardo Plozzy Carbonelli) remains surprisingly calm and decides to undertake the search for Tommaso without involving the police.

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In the meantime, Lara (Chiara Conti) categorically refuses the idea of ​​moving away from Ferri’s life, demonstrating an unexpected determination. Later the condition of the dog Bricca worsened, forcing her Luca (Luigi Di Fiore) to make a difficult decision that involves Giulia (Marina Tagliaferri).

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Meanwhile Bice (Lara Sansone) is determined to take revenge for the infidelities of Sergio (Francesco Procopio), but this revenge unexpectedly creates further disturbances in her friend’s life Mariella (Antonella Prisco).

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