The sun of the future on blu-ray, the review: Nanni Moretti and a special edition that you don’t expect

The review of Il sol dell’avvenire on blu-ray: Eagle reserves a surprising technically flawless numbered edition for Nanni Moretti’s film, enriched with booklet, poster, card and a nice backstage extra.

The sun of the future on blu-ray, the review: Nanni Moretti and a special edition that you don't expect

The latest film by Nanni Moretti, presented this year at Cannes, has now arrived on home video. And it is a somewhat surprising arrival that of The sun of the future. Because Eagle Pictures, in addition to the traditional editions on blu-ray and DVD, also presents aspecial numbered limited editionwhich we had the pleasure of being able to analyze and is the subject of this review.

The Sun of the Future Margheritabuy 1

The Sun of the Future: Nanni Moretti and Margherita Buy in a scene from the film

Truly the best way to pay homage to a film which is a bit there summa of Nanni Moretti’s cinema and where many protagonists of his works are rediscovered, from Margherita Buy to Silvio Orlando. In the film Moretti plays the director Giovanni, who experiences a moment of crisis with his wife Paola, a film producer. Giovanni is shooting a film set in 1956 whose protagonist is the secretary of the Quarticciolo section of the Italian Communist Party in Rome, who must understand how to react to the sending of Soviet tanks to Budapest.

A two-disc numbered edition with booklet, poster and card

The Sun of the Future Special Ed

As mentioned, seeing a special edition combined with a character like Nanni Moretti even sounds a bit strange. But the one with Eagle license plate is an absolutely pleasant surprise, which almost allows us to get closer to an artist who is usually shy and austere. The special edition of Il Sol dell’Avvenire is a two-disc combo, in which the film is presented in the Blu-ray version and also in the DVD version. But there are also some gadgets inside the elegant package slipcase which contains amaray inside. In fact we find the French card of the film which on the back has one of the phrases said by Moretti, then the Italian poster of the film size 29×47 cm, therefore a booklet illustrated with 16 pages with some photos and other key phrases.

A clear video with incisive detail and always lively chroma

The Sun of the Future Barbora Bobulova Silvio Orlando 3

The Sun of the Future: Silvio Orlando with Barbora Bobulova in a scene from the film

On a technical level the edition is excellent. Obviously for video we are talking about the blu-ray format, which is far better than DVD. The high definition is always appreciable and the quality is immediately noticeable in the first night scenes, where i details emerge clearly, the contrast is perfectly calibrated and the picture enjoys a exemplary sharpnessjust see in the first night scene how defined the wall where the film’s title appears is.

Nanni Moretti Zir9J2J

The sun of the future: Nanni Moretti in an image from the film

The images always continue on this level, but if in the external scenes the detail is incisive and very high on all the elements of the plane, with very defined foregrounds and environments well described in detail, in some darker interiors a slight softness emerges, even if compactness never fails. All this is associated with an always natural but very lively chroma in reproducing the colors of the circus, the red flags but also the clothes, both the current ones and those reproduced in the film set in 1956.

The Sun of the Future by Nanni Moretti is a love film

The audio: crystal clear dialogues and music that embraces the viewer

The Sun of the Future Zsolt Anger 1

The Sun of the Future: a scene from the film

The songs have a fundamental importance in the film for various reasons, there are many beautiful ones (in addition to the soundtrack for the film), because, as the director Giovanni himself explains, he would like to make a film with many Italian songs. In all these moments the music is excellently reproduced from a track DTS HD 5.1 which envelops the viewer with warmth, with a decisive timbre, good use of the speakers and sober and never invasive participation of the sub. All completed by perfect and clean dialogueswhile the ambience carries out its task correctly, even if we are faced with a film that obviously doesn’t have many sound cues, except in the aforementioned music or in the circus scenes.

The sun of the future, the review: Nanni Moretti to the nth degree

The extras: a 30-minute backstage to discover all Moretti’s secrets on set

The Sun of the Future Nanni Moretti 1

The Sun of the future: Nanni Moretti in a photo from the film

Another nice surprise to complete the edition, the presence of a full-bodied one backstage of 30 minutes, in which in addition to various interventions by the director and cast, we can above all see many moments of the making of the film with scenes captured on the set, in a process that was still affected by Covid as demonstrated by the many masks. However, the liveliness of Moretti himself is curious, at times rigorous in directing the actors, but also jovial and unleashed in his charismatic presence on the set.


To conclude the review of Il Sol dell’Avvenire on blu-ray, we reiterate the nice surprise that Eagle gave by choosing a special numbered edition with some gadgets. The technical quality of the disc is also excellent, with images almost always well detailed and music reproduced effectively, while the backstage is really interesting and reveals Nanni Moretti’s work on set.

Because we like it

  • The choice of a special edition with card, booklet and poster.
  • The quality of a video with incisive detail.
  • Brilliant audio in music.
  • A curious and interesting half-hour backstage.

What’s wrong

  • In some dimly lit interiors the video has slight inflections.
  • We would have liked even more extras.

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