The Promise, previews September 19th, Father Camillo is unmasked but is armed: what will happen?

The Promise, previews September 19th: the episode will be broadcast at around 4.25pm ​​on Canale 5.

The Promise, previews September 19th, Father Camillo is unmasked but is armed: what will happen?

These are the previews of the plot of the episode of The promisein onda Tuesday 19 September are Channel 5 at approximately 4.25pm. The Spanish soap is set in Cordoba in 1913. The plot revolves around Jana Expósito, a girl who arrives at the palace of La Promessa to avenge her mother’s death and discover who, years before her, kidnapped her younger brother . On the portal Mediaset Infinity it is possible to follow La Promessa in streaming, live and on demand.

Before revealing tomorrow’s episode, let’s do a quick recap of the episode of Monday 18 September.

The promise: summary of the September 18th episode

Catalina wants to confront the loan shark who sold her mother’s brooch. Martina asks Mauro to intervene to avoid trouble. Meanwhile, Don Gregorio causes trouble in the kitchen and Catalina suspects that Padre Camillo is an impostor. The fake priest threatens the Marquis and Conrado with a gun.

The Promise, previews September 19th: Camillo reveals that he has a gun

Father Camillo has now come out into the open and has revealed himself to be an impostor. Don Alonso and Conrado, threatened with a gun, are tied up and the fake priest tries to escape.

In Tuesday’s episode Camillo takes a hostage

Catilina, realizing that something is wrong, intervenes and frees her father and the sergeant. However, Camillo managed to sneak into the kitchens and take Lope hostage.

In the new episode of the soap the epilogue of the story of the fake priest

After moments of great excitement, the marquis and the soldier manage to stop him and hand the criminal over to the Civil Guard.

Curro appears shaken after a trip with Lorenzo

Lorenzo proposes to Curro to go and visit Eugenia in the sanatorium; upon returning, the boy is visibly shaken and this suggests that something happened during their short journey.

In the clip uploaded to Mediaset Infinity, the plots of the week of La Promessa

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