The Ladies’ Paradise 8, is Matthew telling the truth?

The Ladies’ Paradise 8, is Matthew telling the truth?

In episode 7 of Il Paradiso delle Signore 8, the mysterious young man who saves and kisses Maria finds – finally – Marcello. When the young man enters the Caffetteria, Salvo and his partner are talking about subterfuge. He is looking for Marcello. They know each other “in a sense”. If he has something to say, let him say it now and then. If she can’t give him two minutes, then he was wrong to look for it. “My name is Matteo Portelli”, I am “Maurizio’s son”. “Maurizio who?” “Maurizio Barbieri, our father”. Marcello doesn’t believe it. His father is not a saint. Yet he would have discovered such a thing. Maurizio went to the stadium, he wore a chipped watch… According to Matteo Maurizio never recognized him because he was uncomfortable. Why is he only coming forward now? He’s in trouble and needs money. He has debts to pay off. If Matteo had had another chance, he wouldn’t have done it. Marcello shouts that she won’t get a penny from him. Who knows why he expected it. Marcello is just like his father. In The Ladies’ Paradise 8Is Matteo telling the truth?

According to what the previews of the block of episodes 11-15 of season 8 reveal, the answer is positive. There is a bond between Matteo and Marcello that Barbieri could not have imagined.

Il Paradiso delle Ladies 8, what is the money that Matteo asks Marcello for?

Danilo D'Agostino (Matteo Portelli) in a scene from episode 7 of
Danilo D’Agostino (Matteo Portelli) in a scene from episode 7 of “Il Paradiso Delle Signore 8”. Credits: Rai

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The phone call we witness during episode 7 of season 8 gives a clue also supported by previews. Matteo has a sick mother. Her name is Silvana and she is currently being treated in a clinic. It’s not hard to connect the dots: the simplest explanation is that he needs the money to pay for treatment.

This hypothesis, however plausible, is not yet confirmed. However, it is the difficulty of the relationship that is established between Matteo and Marcello. It is the same actor who plays Danilo D’Agostino who tells us about it in an interview given to us at “Marcello is a bit like that person who brings out all of Matteo’s negative past.”

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