The 9th edition of the Italian-Serbian Film Festival is staged in Belgrade

The event will be held from 22nd to 26th September, including masterclasses, film workshops, screenings of films and short films, fashion shows and cooking shows.

The Italian-Serbian film festivalwhich over the years has won the hearts of fans of the big screen and professionals, will take place in the city of Belgrade from 22 to 26 September, confirming itself as one of the most prestigious cinematographic events in the region. The presentation of the program will be held at the Italian Embassy in Belgrade, on the opening day of the event. The festival focuses on the promotion of the cinematographic creativity of young Serbian and Italian authors, as well as creating moments of in-depth analysis for the public through conferences, workshops and the diffusion of short films by authors.

Like every year, it will be much more than just a cinematic celebration, but a catalyst for co-productions. Organized by Excellence International, in collaboration with Kinoteca Yugoslava, which for some years has supported the artistic direction of the enterprising Gabriella Carlucci in the realization of the eventthe festival intends to establish itself as a meeting point for authors, producers, distributors, journalists and industry players, with the aim of stimulating ideas, proposals and negotiations. The festival aims to promote Serbian film productions in Italy and vice versa, supporting distributors from both countries in the sale and promotion of films, enhancing co-productions and providing a forum to analyze possible bilateral agreements and multilateral co-production schemes. PuntaFurthermore, to strengthen bilateral relations, facilitating meetings between Mic and Film Centar Serbia to study the development mechanisms of co-production.

Italian-Serbian Film Festival 2023: films, tastings and fashion

It will be full of emotions, with film premieres, screenings, business meetings, masterclasses at the Belgrade Faculty of Dramatic Arts, live musical performances, fashion shows, art exhibitions and unforgettable culinary experiences.

All the events of the festival, from previews to screenings, from business meetings to masterclasses, will be hosted in the charming historic center of the city, creating an extraordinary atmosphere for cinema enthusiasts.

The highlight of the ninth edition will be the presentation of the film Tell it like a Woman by Silvia Carobbio and Catherine Hardwicke (Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment). There will also be screenings of episodes of Italian TV series and meetings with industry professionals.
Every evening there will be a tasting of typical Italian products, in which various international chefs will participate, including Alessandro Miceli, Ivan Mitelli, Alessio Liberatori, and the sommelier Tushar Borah.

The network of institutions behind the scenes

The Festival is sponsored by the Mic, Directorate General for Cinema and Audiovisual, Ministry of Serbian Culture, Istituto Luce, and supported by the Italian Embassy in Belgrade, by the Italian Institute of Culture, by Enit (National Tourism Agency), by the Experimental Center of Cinematography, by Poste Serbia , from the Kinoteca Yugoslava and Ilbeand in collaboration with Tatatu and Iervolino Entertainment.

What’s new: space for short films

This yearthe festival takes a step forward by hosting a special section dedicated to short films from the Film Front of Novi Sad, further enriching its cultural offering. The International Short Film Festival – Film Front, a fascinating international short film festival, will open its doors in Novi Sad for four days of pure cinematic passion.

Entry to all events is free, offering the public the opportunity to immerse themselves in over a hundred exciting short films, split between competitions and special programs.

Italian-Serbian Film Festival 2023: The program


Festival inauguration at 11am; 12pm press conference at the Italian Embassy. Presentation of an Italy-Serbia co-production born from the meetings of the 2022 Festival; 7pm inauguration of the Festival; screening of first and second works: film preview at 7.30pm Ferrari by Michel Mann (Ilbe); at 9pm gala evening.


At 10am presentation of the Italy-Serbia bilateral agreement on cinematography and B2B meetings between Serbian and Italian professionals. Screening of first and second works: at 7.30pm Lightning strikes again di Radivoje Raša Andrić; all 20.30 Radical Novel by Mimmo Calopresti.

Course in writing, direction, screenplay, production, distribution; at 6pm Italy – Serbia fashion show with the designers Luigi Borbone, Nino Lettieri and Igor Todorovic at the Italian Embassy; Screening of first and second works: at 7.30pm Indigo crystal at Luka Mihailovic, alle 20.30 More love rallies by Massimiliano Finazzer Flory.

Course in writing, direction, screenplay, production, distribution; presentation of the book “Sottane e latifondo” by Dora Attubato at the Italian Cultural Institute; screening of first and second works: at 7.30pm He’s in another di Sinisa Cvetic; all 20.30 Strangeness of love by Giuseppe Fiorello.

At 7pm, awards ceremony, screening of first and second works: at 7pm Vera of Tizza Covi; at 8.30pm From tomorrow I’ll get up late, by Stefano Veneruso.

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