Sydney Sweeney was about to quit acting: «They told me to get a real job»

Sydney Sweeney is without a doubt one of the stars of the moment: in addition to her role in the famous EuphoriaIn fact, there are numerous other projects in which she will be the protagonist. However, as we well know, the actress had to face numerous difficult moments despite her young age. A few months ago, during an interview, you said that you had not been “taken seriously” on more than one occasion: “With The White Lotus, I felt like people were finally recognizing the hard work I was doing. This is something that has bothered me for a while. I’m very proud of my work on Euphoria. I thought it was a great interpretation. But no one takes me seriously because I stripped. I make The White Lotus and suddenly critics are paying attention to what I do. (…) There is a stigma against actresses who undress on screen. When a guy does a sex scene or shows off his body, he still wins awards and receives praise. But the moment a girl does that, receives completely different treatment

Sydney Sweeney has faced many difficult moments throughout her career

sydney sweeney

However, the difficulties began well before Euphoria, a series that later brought her success. As reported by EveryeyeIndeed, the actress even thought about leaving everything because of the criticism she received from those who invited her to “find a real job”. These are his words about what she had to face when she was still at school: “In high school, every time I went home between takes, I felt so insecure and judged. People asked me if I had done anything concrete and how long it would take before I got a real job. And I knew that if I gave up on my dream I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. I wasn’t going to let myself give up and people tell me I wasn’t good enough or that I couldn’t do it. I would continue to work as hard as I could to make my dreams come true.”. Fortunately, Sydney Sweeney was so determined to achieve her goals that she did not let herself be discouraged by the criticism she received, both before and during the famous Euphoria. Now, in fact, his career is certainly on the rise and there are various high-level projects on the horizon.

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