Storm of love October 2023: Paul chooses Constanze

Plots Storm of love October 2023

What happens in the next episodes of Love storm broadcast in Italy in the month of October 2023? The autumn programming of the famous German soap opera continues on air since 2007 on Rete 4 every day, from Monday to Sunday, from ore 20:00/20:25 circa.

Despite Love storm has already passed 3000 episodes in 2018, the German soap is still full of stories and events to tell us with always new characters and twists!

So what to expect from the next episodes broadcast on premiere in October 2023? To find out, continue reading the previews Love storm broadcast on Retequattro.

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Dirk Galuba interprets Werner Saalfeld in
Dirk Galuba plays Werner Saalfeld in “Storm of Love”, credits: Mediaset

Previews October 1, 2023

At the link full previews of Love storm of October 1, 2023!

Arianeduring the police interrogation, has memories of moments spent with Erik and realizes that his life could have taken a different direction. She then decides to contact Erik.

Previews 2-8 October 2023

At the link full previews of Love storm from 2-8 October 2023!

Josie tell Shirin That Paul wants to tell the truth to Constanze, while Paul and Henning are in hospital worried about the well-being of Constanze, who fears she will no longer be able to walk due to a fall.

Meanwhile, thefts occur at the “Fürstenhof” and Vanessa suspects two hotel guests, but in the end they seem innocent. Werner searches for information about Carolin’s past to understand if she was innocent in prison.

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Meanwhile Rosalie he questions Carolin’s innocence and teams up with André to test her, but Carolin figures out their plan.

Vanessa is fired from Christoph but Alfons tries to help her. Josie she tries to accept Paul’s decision about their relationship but is confused.

Werner is optimistic after Ariane’s arrest but Christoph fears that he still represents a threat. Michael kisses Carolin but she keeps her distance to avoid trouble.

Rosalie plans a threesome adventure but Michael opposes. Josie she decides to focus on education to forget Paul, but her intentions are soon called into question.

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