Russell Brand: YouTube suspends monetization of comedian’s channel following sexual assault allegations

Following the sexual assault investigation involving Russell Brand, YouTube has suspended monetization of his channel: “he violated our rules on content creator responsibility”:

We told you in this article of the investigation organized by some British media into the complaints of four women for sexual violence brought to the comedian Russell Brand and referring to ten/twenty years ago, when he was at the height of his fame. According to the actor, who is a fan of conspiracies, it is a conspiracy against him because of his uncomfortable statements, and he rejects all accusations, admitting promiscuity but insisting that the relationships were consensual. Meanwhile, however, YouTubewhere he is the owner of a very popular channel, has taken action by suspending all earnings from views of his videos.

YouTube suspends monetization of Russell Brand’s channel

“If a creator’s behavior off-platform harms our users, employees or ecosystem, we take action,” a YouTube spokesperson told British media today. According to the company, Russell Brand would have violated “The Creator Responsibility Policy”. Whereas Brand’s YouTube channel has six million six hundred thousand subscribers, it is no small harm to prohibit him from collecting revenue from views. Meanwhile, Scotland Yard has stated regarding the serious allegations we reported to you yesterday: “We are aware of the investigations by the Sunday Times and Dispatches on Channel 4 into allegations of sexual assault. On Saturday 17 September we received a report of a sexual assault which It is believed to have taken place in Soho, central London, in 2003. Officers are in contact with the woman and will provide her with assistance.” Of course, as events unfold, Brand’s live UK shows have been canceled and publisher Bluebird has said she will no longer publish her work.

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