One Piece 2: Which Villains could we see in the Season?

One Piece 2: Which Villains could we see in the Next Season?

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Warning: This article contains spoilers

Having achieved incredible success led Netflix to the inevitable decision to renew One Piece for a second season. The having condensed over 44 anime episodes into just 8 live-action episodesand making many changes to the plot of the source material, allowed the TV series to introduce a large amount of characters that we would otherwise have discovered much later – like Garp, for example.

The changes made, however, were not entirely negative: who expected Buggy to be so disturbing? And given his words with Alvida in the finale, will he show up again? Well, it’s very likely.

Let’s therefore examine the villains that could appear in the second season of One Piece.

Buggy and Goodbye

As we know from the source material, after Buggy is defeated by Luffy he randomly finds himself in the right place at the right time, finding Alvida. Since they both have a grudge against Luffy, they decide to join forces to defeat him and then follow him to Loguetown.

During the first season of One Piece we saw the two antagonists start this sequence: that means we will undoubtedly see them again in future episodes, probably like recurrent. Furthermore, considering how much the performance was appreciated by Jeff Ward as Buggy, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him again in the second chapter.

One Piece 2: Which Villains could we see in the Next Season?


Smoker’s presence in the next season is the only certainty we have. The Navy captain in fact appeared in the last moments of the eighth episode, during which he burned – with one of his two characteristic cigars – Luffy’s bounty poster.

Immediately preparing the ground for the second season, we can say with certainty that we will see him, probably accompanied by Tashigi.

In the source material, Smoker becomes the main antagonist of the Loguetown arc, which directly follows the Arlong Park arc (adapted in the final episodes of the first season of One Piece). Just like the protagonist of the TV series, the Navy captain also possesses the power of the Devil Fruit, being able to turn into smoke.

Although he may be the main villain of the Loguetown arc, Smoker is a character who constantly appears in the One Piece anime and manga, both as a friend (sometimes collaborating with Luffy’s crew) and as an enemy.

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Mr. 2/Bon Kurei e la Baroque Works

As anyone who has read the manga knows, the Baroque Works (of which we have already seen a member – Mr. 7 – in the first season of One Piece) remains a drag for a large number of episodes.
This criminal organization had a great impact on the plot and helped establish the depth and complexity of the world in which the story takes place. Their introduction showed how even powerful organizations can be brought down when faced with the ingenuity and determination of the right individuals.

Among the many members of the Baroque Works, Mr. 2 stands out, Luffy’s opponent for a certain period while working for Crocodile, but the two later become friends and Bon Kurei actually saves the Straw Hat on more than one occasion.

We hypothesize that Bon Kurei could be presented as an adversary whose personal interests lead him to be on Luffy’s side.

One Piece 2: Which Villains could we see in the Next Season?

Even if the Season 2 plot doesn’t deal with Alabasta, Mr. 3 and Miss Wednesday (Princess Bibi) will definitely make their live-action debuts soon as their first appearance dates back to the Reverse Mountain and Little Garden arc.


Former King of Drum (the island where we meet Chopper), Wapol becomes a pirate following Blackbeard’s attack on his kingdom. Despite being defeated by Luffy and his crew in the Grand Line, he remains a significant character beyond their initial clash.

Wapol could emerge as an early antagonist in One Piece season 2, given his initial role in the anime. His presence could serve as an introduction to subsequent enemies, who are certainly more dangerous. The next chapter of the Netflix TV series – even if it doesn’t deal with Alabasta – should include the narrative arc of the Drum Islands, therefore leading the protagonists to confront him.

One Piece 2: Which Villains could we see in the Next Season?


Given the fast pace of the live-action version, it is difficult to predict which narrative arcs they will be able to include in the next season – which we do not yet know if it will again consist of 8 episodes or more.

Knowing this, we cannot state with certainty Crocodile’s appearance in the second chapter; however, if they don’t touch the Alabasta story arc, it’s plausible that Crocodile could make an appearance in the last episode like Smoker didserving as a catalyst for the tease of a potential third season.

One Piece 2: Which Villains could we see in the Next Season?
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