Morgane Detective Geniale 3 streaming, where to see it?

Morgane Detective Geniale 3 in streaming

Would you like to see episodes of Morgane Detective Geniale 3 streaming in Italian? The third season of the French television series debuts in Italy starting from 19 September 2023. As often happens with the contents broadcast by the television broadcaster, also the third chapter of the French series is available with all episodes in streaming su RaiPlay.

Audrey Fleurot in Morgane - Detective brilliant.  Credits: Toussaint/Rai.
Audrey Fleurot in Morgane – Detective brilliant. Credits: Toussaint/Rai.

RaiPlay Morgane Detective Geniale 3

It is not always possible to tune in to Rai 1 at the times set by the television schedule. For this reason, Morgane Detective Geniale 3 is also available for streaming on RaiPlay. This platform totally free – in which we find many other series, allows viewers to watch their favorite content at any time. In fact, users decide what time to start viewing.

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How does this streaming platform work? The service is available in different devices, including PCs, smartphones, tablets and Smart TVs. Here is the complete procedure for watching the films, TV series, fiction and documentaries available.

  • Connected to RaiPlay (using the official application or thanks to a browser);
  • Carry out theaccess (by entering your credentials) or the registration;
  • Fence the content you are interested in thanks to the appropriate search field;
  • Award “Play” and enjoy the show.

Discover other news from the brilliant detective Morgane series!

Morgane – Brilliant Detective 3 resumes the telling of the story of one thirty-eight year old mother employed as a cleaner at the police station. The protagonist has an IQ of 160. hers intention and his observations they help the authorities solve a case: Morgane begins to collaborate with Adam Karadec.

When the police discover her incredible intelligence, they offer her a job as consultant. He then begins his new career in the police. Morgane, with his incredible abilities, immediately amazes all the policemen.

Audrey Fleurot (Quasi amici – Untouchables, Spiral, At the Queen’s e The Cardinal) plays the protagonist. The rest of the cast includes Mehdi Nebbou, Marie Denarnaud, Cypriane Gardin, Noé Vandevoorde, Bruno Sanches, Bérangère McNeese and Christopher Bayemi. The new entry also joins the third season Jérémy Lewinhere in the role of the new brigadier Thimothée Guichard.

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