Morgane Detective Geniale 3 second episode 26 September 2023

Morgane Detective Geniale 3, the second episode broadcast on Tuesday 26 September on Rai 1

Morgane Detective Geniale 3, The second episode of the French TV series, now in its third season, will be broadcast on Tuesday 26 September. Audrey Fleurot, Mehdi Nebbou, Bruno Sanchez and Marie Denarnaud return to tell the private events and cases of Morgane Alvaro, an unconventional woman with an extraordinary IQ who becomes a consultant for the judicial police of Lille.

Below are the plots of the third and fourth episodes of season 3 of HPI – High intellectual potential broadcast on Tuesday 26 September starting at 9.25pm ​​on Rai 1.

Morgane Detective Brilliant 3 second episode, previews

After being arrested and detained on charges of killing Emilie Fontaine, Morgane was finally reinstated within the DIPJ. This means that Morgane must learn to work with Karadec all over again and to tolerate the presence of Thimothée, who took 30% of her salary. Morgane devises a plan to take out the newcomer.

Plot of Morgane Detective Brilliant 3 episode 3 “Time Zone”

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A very young rap singer – 19-year-old Naïma – is found murdered. It will be discovered that the girl led a double life and her father ignored her daughter’s artistic activity. Morgane and her team will find the killer thanks to the “autobiographical” texts written by Bledigirl. Later, Roxane reveals to Karadec that she has obtained a position at the IGPN in Paris.

Plot of Morgane Brilliant Detective 3 episode 4 “Benford’s Law”

After spending the night with Thimothée Morgane she is called to the crime scene: Yvan Desfard has been found dead on the side of the road. The off-screen detective thus begins to investigate the suspicious activities of an ashram, while she is undecided about her relationship with Thimothée. Meanwhile, her daughter Chloé infects the entire police station and relations with Karadec seem to improve after Roxane’s departure for Paris.

Programming of Morgane Detective Geniale 3, when it airs

Starting from 19 September, the TV series will be broadcast on Tuesdays in prime time for four weeks until 10 October on Rai 1. Below are the appointments to note in the calendar, subject to changes in the schedule:

Morgane Detective Geniale 3 second episode in rerun

In repeat, the episodes of the TV series with Audrey Fleurot broadcast on Rai 1 are available on RaiPlay, the public service video on demand platform which allows subscribers to watch the best of Rai programming from computers via browsers and in app format for smartphones, tablets and smart TVs.

Morgane Detective Geniale 3 second episode live

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To watch the September 26th episode, you can tune in to Rai 1 starting at around 9.25pm, or alternatively connect to RaiPlay at the same time to watch it in streaming.

Morgane Detective Brilliant 3 today’s episode

The live episode of the French TV series is available starting from around 9.25pm ​​on 26 September for the first time on Rai 1, or on RaiPlay.

Morgane Detective Brilliant 3 second episode in streaming, where to see it

In streaming, the TV series is available on RaiPlay close to the premiere broadcast of the four episodes on Rai 1 from Tuesday 19 September to 10 October. The series is also available in second viewing on Sky Investigation and streaming on Now.

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