Men and Women, Ida Platano and Alessandro Vicinanza guests in the studio: “Ready to coexist!” (VIDEO)

In the episode of Men and Women broadcast today, Tuesday 19 January, Ida Platano and Alessandro Vicinanza were guests in the studio. Let’s see together what happened!

Today at Men and womenwe start from a controversy of throne over that involves Elio Servo e Aurora Tropea. Guests in the studio Ida Platano e Alessandro Vicinanza. Space for discussion between Elio e Aurora and the two commentators of the program.

Men and Women, Ida Platano and Alessandro Vicinanza guests in the studio. The lady reveals: “I am ready to live together”

During one of last week’s episodes, Elio Servo e Aurora Tropea they had danced together and the commentators had asked to know what the two protagonists had said to each other throne over. Before starting the video, the knight asks to see the full video of their entire conversation, triggering the annoyance of Tina Cipollari: she is Gianni Sperti they ask to see the moment of the dance, because they want to be sure that the two characters are not bad-mouthing the two of them. While waiting for the editorial staff to prepare the video without the editing cuts necessary for the episode, the presenter Maria De Filippi seats a couple who were born on the dating show: Ida Platano e Alessandro Vicinanzawelcomed into the studio by a roar of applause.

The two were recently in New York for ‘s 40th birthday Nearnessas revealed by the former lady of the throne over. Ida he also says that, beyond the trips and the good moments, there were also low moments, which depended on the differences in character between the two of them. Alessandro takes the floor, specifying that the main problem of their relationship is physical distance, the former lady living in Brescia and the knight in Salerno. Nearness he admitted that the distance between the two of them is something that often leads him to be in crisis. The former knight he also reveals that little Samu was also there on most of the trips they took togetherthe teenage son of plane treewith which Alessandro he built a good relationship. The knight admits that Samu is much more mature than him and that the relationship he has with Ida moves him.

The companion of Ida he admits that he felt a great emotion in celebrating his 40 years in New York with his beloved and that he didn’t think he could ever experience such a feeling. The lady reveals that the solution of cohabitation would solve everything for her and that she feels ready to take this step: the only obstacle depends on little Samu who has to finish his middle school studies. But, if all goes well, Ida would like to think about starting a cohabitation as early as next year. The lady says she is serene and happy, the ghost of Riccardo Guarnieri is nothing more than a distant memory, although Alessandro still want to go very slowly and with leaden feet, as the rider also confirms. Even on a possible child, Alessandro he admits that for the moment it is not an urgent thought, but that the priority is to get as close as possible.

Men and Women, heated clash between Elio, Aurora, Gianni and Tina!

We return to the famous video of Elio e Aurora: in the video the two comment on the issue of the missed greeting from Tina towards the knight. Aurora he admits that she wouldn’t have said goodbye to her, given the way she treats him and if it had been the other way around with Gianni, he would never have made such a gesture. Furthermore, he advises the knight not to overdo the insults, even if the knight seems totally indifferent to the matter. At the end of the video, Tina he lashes out Aurora, accusing her of being false; Also Gianni he intervenes by throwing himself at the lady of the throne. There has been friction between the two since the first episode, when Tropea he had a package of sugar delivered to him to “sweeten” him.

Maria he intervenes to settle the matter and makes us sit down Aurora at the study center together with another lady of the parterre, Claudia, and others Marco, to whom he asked for the number and with whom it seems that the acquaintance is progressing rather well. Since Marco has already danced with Aurora during a dance, the knight asks the other lady to dance while Aurora heads towards Gero, another knight, triggering the acid comments of Tina. After the dance the commentator lashes out at the lady because she has chosen a knight much younger than her. Maria he reveals that Silvio also left his number with the lady, but that there was nothing other than a polite conversation between them. The knight is also getting to know another lady, Donatella, with whom there seems to be a lot of complicity. Still room for the protagonists of the over con throne Carmelaone of the oldest ladies on the parterre, who introduces herself and tells her story: she has been a widow for 18 years and has worked for over 30 years and is on the dating show thanks to her grandchildren and her son, who signed her up without her knowledge .

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