Marvel: fan of the world of Thor? Amazon has discounted a very particular Harbro action figure

On Amazon it is possible to find, at a discounted price, a really good Marvel action figure; if you are historical fans you will recognize it immediately!

Marvel: fan of the world of Thor?  Amazon has discounted a very particular Harbro action figure

On Amazon you can find a splendid one action figure Marvel from the world of Thor, currently on offer. On the site you can find it for €29.00, with a 27% discount on the base price. If interested, go to the box below.

Specifically, we are talking about a figure Hasbrobelonging to the series Marvel Legends. Measuring approximately 15cm, the figurine is based on the features of the well-known cyborg Ragnarokwhich they imitate in all the physical appearance of Thor and some of its famous characteristics. This is accompanied by a series of accessories and interchangeable pieces that will surely delight enthusiasts, both collectors and non-collectors.

Who is Ragnarok and what does it have to do with Thor?

Ragnarok he is a supervillain and negative character that we see debut in comics published by Marvel Comics. He’s a cybernetic clone of Thor and has a similar appearance and abilities, but uses them in completely different ways from those of the original and very famous Norse god we know.

Its narrative origins date back to when the real Thor was reported missing in action and presumed dead, with Tony Stark choosing to take one of his hairs, which he had kept from the first meeting of the Avengers, to create a sort of replacement. He will later contribute, together with Reed Richards and Hank Pym, to clone the Asgardian DNA present inside the hair, fusing it with Stark Industries technology. This led to the creation of a new cybernetic clone of Thor. The clone was put into action during the Civil War of superheroes, sent to fight against the anti-registration heroes. His great skills in battle did not lead to positive results for too long, getting out of control of his creators and fueling everything that happened later, with the consequent deactivation by Richards himself.

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If you are also an unshakable fan of the Marvel universe, you are in the right place. Don’t miss the opportunity to get an action figure like this, especially at a discounted price.

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