Big Brother Vip, Antonella Fiordelisi one year later: “I learned to love, forgive and suffer for love”

Antonella Fiordalisi and the post exactly one year after her entry into the Big Brother VIP 7 house.

Among the great protagonists of the last edition of Big Brother VIP, Antonella Fiordelisi he shared a post on Twitter exactly one year after his entry from the House.

Gf Vip, Antonella Fiordalisi: “The House changed my life”

The influencer from Campania continues to be one of the most loved former gieffines and also her love story with Edoardo Donnamaria it fascinated many viewers and users who are still desperately rooting for their reunion today.

Antonella Fiordalisi’s post one year after her entry into Gf ​​Vip:

“365 days ago I entered that house. In reality it seems like less time has passed… I would do it again 1000 times despite everything, do you know why? Because it changed my life, it made me grow in character and work. I learned to be alone, to speak my mind despite having everyone against me, to not care about people’s judgment, to help people in difficulty, to love to forgive and suffer for love, to help a friend and lead her to victory, to listen to advice to improve, to take the better from others and focus more on the problems of others and above all you have FINALLY gotten to know me in all my facets and have appreciated me in all 4 of my personalities ✨ in a few weeks I will give you some good news MEANWHILE THANKS TO THOSE WHO HAVE ALWAYS BELIEVED IN MYSELF”

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