Big Brother, Fiordaliso: “I had a son at 15, now at GF I want to enjoy everything”

Fiordaliso is among the VIPs who decided to take part in the GF and in a moment of confession in yesterday’s episode, Monday 18 September, she revealed why she decided to participate in the reality show. Here’s what she said.

Il Big Brother is back with a completely new edition, in which VIP and non-VIP competitors inhabit the most watched company in Italy. Among the VIPs of this edition is the singer Cornflowerwhich was told during the third episode, in a very touching moment, to the host Alfonso Signorini.

GF, Fiordaliso: “Since I was 15 I’ve always had someone to look after, but now…”

During the third episode of the reality show of Canale5, Cornflower told her story, revealing the reason that pushed her to join the reality show Canale5. The singer became a mother to Sebastiano very early, at the age of 15, and she said she had never experienced a real adolescence:

“Since I was 15 I’ve always had someone to look after. I’ve never had an adolescence, I don’t know what parties with friends mean, talking in each other’s ears to say that you like a boy. I became an adult straight away. That’s why I’m here, because here I am the most adult of all, but I can be a child. I can do everything and without malice. Alfonso, for me this is Neverland and you are a bit like my Peter Pan.”

The singer also recounted the heartbreaking loss of her mother, which occurred due to covid: her mother died alone, in the middle of the pandemic, without any of her children being able to say goodbye to her:

“Before he died, a nurse made a phone call to us and my mother managed to tell us that she was about to leave. I wish she was still here with me, though, thanks to her I was able to look after my father and that was a great gift .”

Cornflowerin fact, he recalled his father, who recently passed away, lovingly cared for by his children: “He died in his daughter’s arms, it was what he wanted. This relieves me greatly from my mother’s death

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