Big Brother, Beatrice Luzzi returns to the attack against Rosy Chin after the live broadcast: “False and self-centered”

Beatrice Luzzi and Rosy Chin: it’s a clash on Big Brother.

In yesterday’s episode of Big Brother aired on first live battle between two competitors. We are talking about the actress Beatrice Luzzi and the Chinese chef Rosy Chinwho became the protagonists of a harsh face to face in which accusations flew.

Beatrice Luzzi against Rosy Chin

Beatrice Luzzi returned to the attack against Rosy Chin after the episode of Big Brother. The reason? As Biccy reports, the behavior adopted by the Chinese chef in the Cinecittà House does not seem to convince the actress who, speaking with the other competitors after the live broadcast, she accused Rosy of being false and self-centered:

She acted all cute in the episode and now it’s fucking her again. If you notice, every time Rosy talks to someone she always ends up talking about herself, so how much does she actually listen to what others say? What if it’s fake? For me, someone who behaves like this isn’t sincere. But I liked the confrontation we had in the episode. But now she’s pissed off because I told her that she’s self-centered. She’s self-centered! She asked me ‘so am I self-centered?’, I said ‘Yes you are!’.

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Se Beatrice he commented on the episode together with the other contestants of the Gf, Rosy Yes is vented with Claudio Roma declaring that the only one strategy what is possible for her is to be herself:

I’m coming off a week full of bickering, I don’t necessarily want people to like me and I’m using a strategy. My strategy is to be myself whether you like it or not. I want to walk out of here with my head held high.

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