Big Brother: Alex Schwazer violates the Regulations, the director censors Signorini

Alex Schwazer gives us a moment of great emotion during the episode of Big Brother, despite Signorini’s reproaches.

Although just a week has passed since the debut of the new edition of Big Brother, Alex Schwazer he misses his family very much and has talked about it at length with the other tenants of Cinecittà. Because of this Alfonso Signorini and the authors decided to allow the Olympic champion to meet his wife Kathrin Freund, who supported him in the difficult story of his life. Something, however, went wrong and the director chose to side with the competitor.

Big Brother, the surprise at Schwazer causes discussion

Alex Schwazer is undoubtedly one of the great protagonists of new edition of Big Brother. The Olympic athlete has a very strong and intense story to tell, a mea culpa but also a story of oppression that took him far from his dream of running for Italy and bringing new gold medals to our country. In the house of GF, Alex told something more about his life, his relationship with his family and above all his beautiful love story with his wife Kathrin Freund.

Precisely the latter, with the complicity of Alfonso Signorini and the editorial staff, was the protagonist of a wonderful surprise organized at the gieffino. Alex retraced his complicated life, his love for sport, but also his suspension for doping – the first for which Schwazer pleaded guilty, the second instead, in his opinion, was unfair and the result of a conspiracy against her. The audience of Channel 5 noted that, as often happens, Alfonso Signorini did not have the most delicate tone in telling this touching story, bringing up details about the use of doping that he could have kept to himself, since they would not have changed Schwazer’s touching narrative .

In short, the presenter got a little carried away and according to some GF fans that’s why, when Alex broke the rules hugging his wife for a long time even though he couldn’t have done it, the direction seems to have Signorini’s microphone was disconnected for a few seconds, so as to allow the athlete to enjoy this unique moment. A moment which, although it earned all Cinecitt√† competitors a fine, moved and thrilled those present. All or almost all, given that Beatrice Luzzi appeared unperturbed, perhaps the fault of the recently concluded discussion with Rosy Chin?

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