A Place in the Sun: Is Tommy’s life in danger?

A Place in the Sun who kidnapped Tommy?

Plot twist in the next episodes of A Place in the Sun: little Tommy is kidnapped and his life is in danger. This is what emerges from the previews of the long-running Italian soap opera broadcast every week from 18 to 22 September 2023 world premiere on Rai 3.

The complications for little Tommy’s fate began when Ferri (Riccardo Polizzy Carbonelli) finally decides to carry out the DNA test about his alleged son he had with Lara (Chiara Conti), thus discovering the whole truth. In fact, not only is Tommaso not her son, but he is not even Martinelli’s son, who bought him by taking him away from his real mother Ida (Marta Anna Borucinska).

The real trouble, however, comes now, when all trace of the child is suddenly lost. What happened to Tommy? Who kidnapped him? And above all, is the little one’s life in danger? According to the first information emerging from the previews, we discover that it was Ida who took her son and to flee from Naples. She continues reading the article to find out all the details.

Is Tommaso’s life in danger?

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(SPOILER WARNING: don’t continue reading if you don’t want to know what happens to Tommy A Place in the Sun)

Marta Anna Borucinska in a pose for
Marta Anna Borucinska posed for “Un Posto Al Sole” Credits: Rai

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Little Tommaso by A Place in the Sun is in grave danger. This is confirmed by the RAI previews which inform us of his kidnapping at the hands of Ida.

Exactly when Roberto e Marina they were reconciling, leaving the evil Lara out of their lives, Ida she acted without being seen. She secretly recovered her son, disappearing their tracks.

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At first Roberto would first like to report Tommy’s disappearance to Lara, convinced that she somehow had something to do with it. Yet, shortly after, he realizes that the research carried out by Martinelli herself could lead to the discovery of the little boy. Later, after a lot of patience and strong nerves, Roberto finally manages to find the child, fortunately safe and sound.

But the problems are not over yet. After finally managing to find little Tommy again, and having kicked Lara out of her life forever, Roberto must now deal with mother Ida, which Marina doesn’t trust at all. In the end, will Ferri have custody of the little one or will the latter remain with his mother? To find out, all we have to do is continue following the episodes of A Place in the Sun.

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