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Friends, Nunzio Stancampiano shocks: the dancer’s unpublished revelations about Cosmary Fasanelli and Alex Wyse

Friends, Nunzio Stancampiano shocks: the dancer's unpublished revelations about Cosmary Fasanelli and Alex Wyse

The former beloved Amici student reveals: “I was with Cosmary when she was engaged to Alex”.

Nunzio Stancampiano has unmasked his ex Cosmary Fasanelli. Guest on the podcast of Fabrizio Coronathe former beloved dancer of Amici gave an interview in which he implied that he had started dating the dancer while she was still linked to singer Alex Wyse.

Nunzio Stancampiano unmasks Cosmary Fasanelli

Cosmary Fasanelli cheated on Alex Wyse with Nunzio Stancampiano? In fact, in the last few hours, a piece of a story has been published on social media.interview given by the former Amici dancer to Fabrizio Corona. However, it was mainly Corona who spoke and revealed some unpublished background stories while the dancer limited himself to nodding:

Soon you will see the full episode, but now let’s tell a little about what happened between these three guys. As you can see he is here to tell what happened. Today he gave us some special news. He was with Cosmary, the two met on the Amici di Maria De Filippi program. Cosmary was engaged to Alex, a highly esteemed singer. Then Cosmary met him outside the program, while Alex was still inside the game. You two start your relationship at the beginning of May and she leaves him on July 5th…

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So can we say that Alex has been a cuckold for months? Can we say that he had horns? – to Corona’s question the dancer simply nodded, thus confirming the betrayals – Well, Alex, welcome to the world of cuckolds.

Heavy statements which will certainly not go unnoticed Cosmary. The dancer will decide to reply to her ex-boyfriend and defend herself from accuse? And how he will react Alex? We’ll see.

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