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Friends, Cosmary Fasanelli breaks the silence after Nunzio Stancampiano’s accusations: “He just wants to tarnish”

Friends, Cosmary Fasanelli breaks the silence after Nunzio Stancampiano's accusations: "He just wants to tarnish"

The former Amici dancer, Cosmary Fasanelli, broke her silence after the accusations made by her ex-boyfriend Nunzio Stancampiano. Here’s what happened!

The fan community of Amici Of Maria De Filippi was particularly shaken after the publication of a video in which Nunzio Stancampianoformer student of the school of Canale5who was a guest on Fabrizio Corona’s podcast and shared some shocking background on his ex Cosmary Fasanelli. However, the dancer decided, in her own way, to break the silence and respond to the accusations of the former student of the school.

Friends, Cosmary Fasanelli breaks the silence after the shocking revelations of Nunzio Stancampiano

The couple announced the end of their relationship this summer, confirming some rumors that they were apart. However, the end of their story did not go unnoticed due to some attitudes of Stancampiano: the former student of AmiciIn fact, he tried to win back his ex in every way, publishing several stories on social media to demonstrate his love for her, but for Cosmary the time had come to put a stop to the relationship, after revealing that the cause of the breakup depended on from “character differences” and asked fans to respect their decision. When the dancer flew to Paris with her family, Nunzio had followed her, but wanted to specify that it was not for her that he was flying to the French capital and that he didn’t want to hear about stalking and accusations of this kind against him.

Months later, the former dancer wanted to divulge some background information on his ex, stating that their relationship began when Cosmary and her ex, Alex Wyse, were still together. Their relationship would begin in May, while Cosmary and Alex, who was still in school at the time Amici, they ended their story in July. After the words of Stancampiano, the people of the web turned against him, accusing him of being a liar and of only wanting to smear his ex-girlfriend. The latter broke the silenceliking a tweet from one of his fans, who wrote on social media:

“Nunzio is making up something just to smear Cosmary. I’m disgusted by him, I swear. I really feel sorry for him”

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