Elon Musk defends Russell Brand against rape accusations: “That man is not evil”

Elon Musk has publicly defended Russell Brand, who was recently accused of rape and sexual assault by five different women.

Elon Musk defends Russell Brand against rape accusations: 'That man is not evil'

Elon Musk expressed his support for Russell Brand following an investigation that detailed sexual assault allegations against the actor. The report, published jointly this Saturday by the Sunday Times and Channel 4 Dispatches, revealed allegations of sexual abuse by five different women.

Through a video, Brand denied the very serious criminal charges that have been brought against him and claimed that his relationships “they have always been absolutely consensual“. Brand also suggested he was the victim of a coordinated media attack, “as happened to Joe Rogan, when he dared to take a drug that the mainstream media did not approve of“, referring to the famous podcaster’s use of ivermectin as a Covid treatment.

Thousands of people have come to Brand’s defense, including billionaire Elon Musk who responded to the English comedian’s video, writing: “Of course it is. The mainstream media doesn’t like competition“. Musk later made his support for the star even more explicit: “I support Russell Brand. That man is not evil“.

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson and former kickboxer Andrew Tate also came to Brand’s defense. “Criticize the pharmaceutical companies, question the war in Ukraine, and you can be pretty sure that this will happen” Carlson wrote in response to the comedian’s video, to which Musk added: “That certainly seems to be the case!”. Tate simply posted a “Exact” in response to Carlson’s tweet.

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