Big Brother, Rosy Chin has a table reserved for the Ferragnez in her restaurant!

Rosy Chin is not the Nip that the Big Brother audience would have expected. The chef also knows the Ferragnez family.

Rosy Chin is not exactly the competitor Nip that the public of Big Brother would have been expected. The talented chef, in fact, is very well known in the world of showbitz and in her restaurant there is even a table, always reserved, for the couple of the moment. Who are we talking about? Chiara Ferragni e Fedez Obviously.

Big Brother, Rosy Chin: what she does for the Ferragnez

The new edition of Big Brother it started out subdued, perhaps due to the new editorial line Mediaset which is pushing competitors to respect some decidedly strict guidelines, also supported by Alfonso Signorini who made a mea culpa about past editions to Verissimo, and then placed all the blame for the flop on the cast. Controversial statements that especially provoke discussion among the competitors, brought up without any praise on Silvia Toffanin’s talk show, which add up to the share totally at the peak of the second episode, which barely reached 16%, a fiasco for a prime time on Channel 5.

While waiting to understand whether this editorial line will be changed, much to the displeasure of the Mediaset CEO, or whether over time the public will reward these choices, fans of the program have pointed out how Nip Rosy Chin, anything but Nip. The competitor, in fact, is a rather renowned chef with well 389mila followers following him on Instagram. She also appeared in the TV series The Ferragnezpresent at the premiere by special invitation of Chiara Ferragnigiven that Rosy always has a table reserved for them in her restaurant, as Dagospia reports.

The restaurant staff of the Chinese Rosy Chin, in the cast of GF, says that every evening there is a table reserved for Chiara Ferragni and Fedez in case they show up”, this is the indiscretion about Ferragnez and Rosy Chin’s restaurant which made the public turn up their noses. Meanwhile in the Big Brother house the first clashes begin after Nomination who, as we know, always carry grudges with them. The match has begun and, although one cannot fall into absolute trash, some metaphorical stab in the back will have to be given to reach the final.

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