Big Brother, Angelica Baraldi on Massimiliano Varrese: “I see him as my father”. And the first ship wrecks

The first GF ship, formed by Angelica Baraldi and Massimiliano Varrese, has already foundered after a comment from Gieffina. Here’s what happened!

Big Brother also means shipa term used by TV series fans to indicate a couple: in the history of reality TV Canale5 There are many couples that have formed. Just think of the latest edition of the program hosted by Alfonso Signoriniwhich saw the birth of love between Antonella Fioedelisi and Edoardo Donnamaria, Oriana Marzoli and Daniele Dal Moro, Clizia Incorvaia and Edoardo Tavassi. But even in the new edition of the reality show the fans had already prepared to experience it ship that was forming between Angelica Baraldi e Massimiliano Varrese.

GF, Angelica Baraldi on Massimiliano Varrese: “I see him as a father”. And many regards to the ship

In the house the affinity between them was immediately noticed Massimiliano Varrese e Angelica Baraldi: the actor and fiction star and the young woman from Modena became very close, so much so that fans immediately started shipping them together. About her, Stem he said:

“With Angelica there is a good relationship, a friendship, we found each other, we got along immediately.”

The situation seemed to be moving towards love triangle with entry into the House of the blonde Heidi Baciwhich immediately stood out, so much so that Angelica he immediately declared that it would be his next nomination, raising a smile Stem. During the episode, Alfonso Signorini he asked the Baraldi if it had entered into competition with Heidi per Massimiliano’s attentionsbut the Modena area froze the atmosphere and wrecked the ship with a comment that went viral:

“But no, no competition, also because I see Massi as my father. He always gets angry that I call him old”

We can say goodbye to the first ship, then, but the GF it’s just begun, who knows we won’t see more of them born…

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