The girl and the officer on Canale 5, last episode: cast, plot of 17 September

Tonight on Canale 5 in prime time triple appointment with the finale of The Girl and the Officer: plot and cast of the episodes of the Turkish series broadcast on 17 September.

The girl and the officer on Canale 5, last episode: cast, plot of 17 September

The girl and the officer become this eveningSunday 17 September 2023, in prime time, at 9.50 pm, on Canale 5 with the final episodes. The Turkish series, inspired by one true storywas filmed between Istanbul, St. Petersburg and Ukraine and tells of a passionate love triangle. Plot, cast and trailers for tonight’s episodes.

Kurt Seyit ve Sura, this is the original title of the series, was broadcast in 2014 on Star TV, a private Turkish broadcaster.

The Girl and the Officer: Plot

During the Crimean War, Kurt Seyit and his wife Sura, Tsarist soldiers, flee St. Petersburg to seek refuge in Istanbul during the Bolshevik Revolution. Their love is tested by family interference, social expectations and historical events.

The episodes air tonight 17 September

Episode 44

Emine listens to the conversation between Seyit and Alya and, after learning that the latter killed Billy, immediately offers her protection and refuge in her home.

The soldiers are searching the hotel looking for Alya and their behavior is arrogant and violent. Ali gets slapped and Sabri, who defends Alya, is arrested and locked up in the outpost. The commander is clear: if they hand the murderer over to him, they will see the child again.

Ali and Yahya try to intervene for Sabri, but to no avail. So, they decide to look for Seyit. Ali goes to Emine’s house and finds out that Alya is there. Meanwhile, Yahya finds Seyit in the laundry room. Together they plan to free Sabri. The plan involves a diversion to remove the soldiers from the outpost and allow them to act undisturbed. However, Ali, Yahya and the entire family have to stay in the hotel to avoid arousing suspicion with their absence.

Episode 45

Alya is captured by soldiers at the docks, and the soldier responsible for the capture takes her to Petro. Here, the girl discovers that she has become a pawn in a dangerous trading game. Petro, in fact, intends to pass her off as the one responsible for the murder of Captain Billy, in exchange for her immunity and the possibility of leaving the country in total safety.

Episode 46

Seyit returns to the hotel after spending the night wandering around the city, in an attempt to numb the pain of Sura’s departure. To welcome him he finds Murvet, who has left home in a hurry, because the soldiers are searching every single house in search of Alya. She is surprised at the port and Yaver immediately takes her to Petro, but Seyit, having now learned of all the misdeeds of his old friend, devises a plan to find out where she is hiding. Once you reach that place, yes revenge on Petro and frees Alya.

Meanwhile, Guzide, convinced that Yahya has left for Ankara, asks Celil to run away together. Yahya surprises them and commits suicide before their eyes. Years pass, Turkey is now a republic and the English have been driven out. Celil and Guzide went to live in Asmaya and there they found Mahmut, who, with Murvet’s help, surprises Seyit.

The girl and the officer: performers and characters

In the clip uploaded to Mediaset Infinity, the promo of the triple appointment

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