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The girl and the officer, Mahmut, Kurt Seyit’s brother, returns

The girl and the officer, Mahmut, Kurt Seyit's brother, returns

The girl and the officer, Mahmut, Kurt Seyit’s brother, returns

The girl and the officer greets the Italian public with great surprises. On Sunday 17 September Italian viewers will say goodbye to Kurt Seyit and Shura, the costume drama that Mediaset broadcast throughout the summer. The Turkish TV series, which aired in its homeland nine years ago, is based on the novel of the same name by the author Nermin Bezmen, who is the granddaughter of the real Kurt Seyit.

The story focuses on the troubled love story between Kurt Seyit Eminof (Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ) – a charming Crimean lieutenant and one of the Tsar’s most trusted men – and Şura (Farah Zeynep Abdullah), the beautiful daughter of a family belonging to the Russian nobility. Their love will be tested on numerous occasions, in particular by the countless attempts by Petro Borinsky (Birkan Sokullu) – Seyit’s historic friend who falls in love with Şura – to separate them.

Over the course of the series Petro commits a series of horrific crimes, including the killing of Osman Eminof (played by Barış Alpaykut), Seyit’s younger brother. When Seyit arrived at the crime scene, Petro convinced him that Misha was the shooter. The latter is killed by Seyit, who trusts Petro. Thanks to Tina – and, indirectly, to Şura -, Seyit discovers that Petro is responsible for all the misfortunes that have befallen him and his family. In a tense face-to-face, Seyit will kill Petro and bury him alive, taking revenge for all the harm he has brought him over the years.

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The epilogue of the series is set a few years later: the English occupation is now old history and Turkey is experiencing a period of peace thanks to the new republican order. Celil and Guzide moved to Asmaya, where they started a family and welcomed their firstborn who they named Seyit, in honor of their great friend. The two write a letter intended for Seyit and Murvet, in which they reveal that they have found Mahmut, Kurt Seyit’s middle brother.

With Murvet’s complicity, Mahmut gives his brother a wonderful surprise and the two embrace each other again after many years spent apart.