Paola Barale will host a new program on Italia 1: the unexpected indiscretion!

A sensational gossip arrives about Paola Barale, who could return to Mediaset with a new program on Italia 1.

New working horizons at home Mediaset per Paola Barale. The presenter is back in the news thanks to her participation in Dancing with the Stars, and now it seems that Biscione has set its sights on her to propose her as the protagonist of a new program on Italia 1. Here is the latest indiscretion.

Paola Barale returning to Mediaset? The scoop

Protagonist of the latest edition of Dancing with the Stars, which he commented with words decidedly full of poison, Paola Barale is back to being talked about and it seems that Mediaset is planning to return under his protective wing, at least according to the indiscretion launched by the weekly Vero. “Paola Barale could return to Mediaset after quite a few years. A new travel program would have been created for Barale which should be broadcast on Italia 1”, we read in the well-known weekly.

So it seems that Biscione wants to reward the beautiful presenter by giving her a leading role in a new program that will be broadcast on Italia 1. But what is it? Further clarification comes from Pipol TV which lets it be known that Baral was chosen as commentator of the new edition of The Babe and the Nerd Show which will be conducted in the new year by Enrico Papi. The presenter was richly rewarded by Mediaset, which confirmed him as one of the leading faces of prime time and also wanted him, it is rumoured, for a new musical programme.

There are those who hope that, however, the news regarding the Baral is not connected to Papi but which concerns the management of the new season of At Talpa, the reality show that is preparing to return to TV after many years of hiatus, according to the presentation of the 2023/2024 television schedules. All we have to do is wait to find out where and when we will see Paola again on the small screen. In the meantime, she keeps fit with lots of sport, a full life and some television appearances on Rai.

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