La Talpa, hosted by Enrico Papi: the latest sensational indiscretion

One of the historic reality shows that Mediaset has decided to dust off for the 2023/2024 season also switches to male hosting.

There is great anticipation for the new edition of La Talpaa gamble for Mediaset which in times of great changes dusts off one of the most loved reality shows of all time, with the necessary improvements. Who will be the host of the new season of the program? Check the name of Enrico Papirewarded by Biscione in recent years with many new job opportunities.

Enrico Papi promoted to host of La Talpa

There was talk of a very strong, radical change within Mediaset and many could not fail to notice that this strong and radical change especially concerns female presenters. Space, in fact, for Pio and Amedeo despite – let’s face it – they are not strictly in line with political correctness and often bring into prime time concepts that have been out of date for about a trillion eras. Space also for Enrico Papi who, after his disastrous performance as Ilary Blasi’s sidekick in the latest edition of L’Isola dei Famosi, was not fired but promoted again to head of Scherzi a Parte and beyond.

Following this rewarding and discriminating trend, it is rumored that he will be the one host of the new edition of La Talpa. The announcement was made by the weekly magazine Vero which leaked the news of the new project Mediaset that Papi will be involved. A gamble, perhaps, to move from female to male management, but a gamble that Piersilvio Berlusconi seems happy to take. Some of the most beloved presenters of all time have been torpedoed, making room for presenters like Papi who this year will also be at the helm of The Babe and the Nerd Show on Italia 1, a program that last year was included among Barbara d’Urso’s formats, then for him also a musical show not yet defined in the schedules.

Therefore the idea that The Mole may be led by Vladimir Luxuriaas hoped also by viewers who love his biting irony and his always being on point. Papi he hasn’t exposed himself yet, but there’s time since the reality show will be present in the schedules only in 2024. What do you think of this choice?

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