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Big Brother, Carmen Russo is unbalanced about the new competitors: “She doesn’t convince me, she doesn’t seem sincere to me”

Big Brother, Carmen Russo is unbalanced about the new competitors: "She doesn't convince me, she doesn't seem sincere to me"

Carmen Russo’s confession about the contestants of the new edition of Big Brother.

Tomorrow, Monday 18 September 2023, it will be on Canale 5 the third episode of Big Brother is on air. While waiting, Carmen Russo has released ainterview with Adrea Dianetti and Annie Mazzola in which he commented the cast of the new edition of the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini.

Carmen Russo and the words about Rosy Chin

It’s almost time for the third episode of Big Brotherwhich will go broadcast tomorrow in prime time on Canale 5. To comment on cast of the new edition he thought about it Carmen Russo who, guest of GF Partyha praised Grecia Colmenares and launched one dig at Chinese chef Rosy Chin:

The guys are all nice, funny, I like them. In my opinion it’s a nice group. I like Greece, it makes me laugh, I find it very nice. Maybe a little too much, but at least he smiles and is funny. She is an artist of great value, she has crazy experience. So maybe she intrigues me more. Samira is beautiful. I see Giselda as dull compared to the first day. Maybe because this environment is very far from her context…

Rosy is a bit to be discovered, I don’t see her as too sincere, I have to tell the truth. She has a good word with everyone and she doesn’t seem sincere to me. The discussion with the actress? She still doesn’t convince me. Beatrice has experience, she is older and has sharper sensors and she notices things. Rosy is not credible. And then she knows everything. Cesara? I like it a lot. She is reassuring, she is lucid. Obviously it’s her start and she’s calibrating. But I have to say that I find it very precise and I like it.

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About his experience in the Casa del Gf, Carmen he confessed that he still hears from some of his former playmates:

What if I still hear from any competitors from my edition? Cristiano Malgioglio, wonderful and I’ve known him for a long time, as well as Giucas, Jo Squillo, Daniele Silvestri. I continue to listen to them and I must say that I had a good time with my teammates.

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