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The Bold and the Beautiful, Previews Episode of September 17, 2023: Sheila holds Finn prisoner!

The Bold and the Beautiful, Previews Episode of September 17, 2023: Sheila holds Finn prisoner!

Let’s discover the previews of the episode of The Beautiful broadcast on 17 September 2023 on Canale5. The plots of the Soap episode reveal that Sheila will keep Finn prisoner while Ridge will join Brooke at her house, to be close to her in this moment of danger.

In the episode Of Beautiful on air Canale5 il September 17, 2023at ore 13.45after reassuring Taylor that he had the situation under control, Ridge will run to Brooke. The Previews of the episode from the Soap reveal to us that the Forrester will arrive at his wife’s housejust as the dwelling will be swallowed up by the darkness, due to a blackout. The Forrester he will cheer up his partner e there will be an air of great tenderness between them. Meanwhile Thomas and Taylor will welcome Jack in the house on the cliff. The Finnegan will want to know something new about Steffy, Li and her nephew and the two of them are the only people who can give him answers. Finn Instead he will realize more and more that he is in danger. Even though he asks Steffy over and over again, her mother has no intention of letting him see her.

Previews Beautiful: Ridge reaches Brooke to give her his support

Ridge deludes himself that he had organized a large safety net around his family. After reassuring Taylor, Forrester will decide to reach Brooke, to give her his support too. Like Liam and Hope, also the stylist he’s worried about Logan. He will arrive at the Villa just at the right time, that is, when Brooke’s house will be immersed in total darknessa due to a blackout. The blonde will be scared to hear a person enter her home but she will immediately calm down, after realizing that it is her beloved husband. The two will sit on the sofa facing each other and they will talk about Sheila and of the dangers that everyone runs with her in freedom but although the topic is very tense, it will be understood that both will have the desire to share a sweet moment together.

Beautiful Previews: Jack anxious for Li

A Steffy’s house, Taylor and Thomas will welcome Jack. The Finnegan will arrive from them to get news about Li, about Steffy e about his nephew. Given how things have turned out, her wife has no intention of speaking to him and for this reason she is not aware of the latest news. The man will be heartbroken for having ruined his family and for not having been next to his son before he died. Taylor will try to reassure him and give him courage.

Plots and Previews Beautiful: Finn prisoner of Sheila

Finn woke up and fully regained consciousness. The boy immediately understood who he was ended up in a surreal situation. Sheila is the only person next to him and she is the person who shot him. The young man will remember – although not in detail – that the crazy mother pointed the gun at his wife and, not seeing her next to him, she will begin to fear the worst about her. The doctor he will ask again and again where his Steffy has gone ma Carter will divert the conversationencouraging him to think only and exclusively about healing. Finn will understand that he is a prisoner of the crazy womanwhich almost killed him.

Check it out below video in which Finn asks about Steffy:

Let’s find out all of them Weekly Previews Of Beautiful from 11 to 17 September 2023.

Beautiful it goes on air Channel 5, from Monday to Sunday at ore 13.45.