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Vita Da Carlo 2, interview with Ludovica Martino and Sangiovanni

Vita Da Carlo 2, interview with Ludovica Martino and Sangiovanni

Vita Da Carlo 2, interview with Ludovica Martino and Sangiovanni

Become Life As Carlo and moves to Paramount+. The comedy series written, directed and starring the celebrated Roman actor arrives in streaming with a second season that is more thoughtful and entertaining than the first. After almost two years on the bench, Life As Carlo inaugurates the Italian streaming television season as the herald of Paramount+, which stole the series from Prime Video and made it its crown jewel in its expansion strategy in the Bel Paese.

Paramount+ still enjoys – for the moment but who knows for how long – the advantage of being built-in in the offer for Sky subscribers. It is with products like Life As Carlo that the company born from the merger between Viacom and CBS aims to stand out and break away from the competition. It aims to achieve this thanks to authorship, to big-name names – Sylvester Stallone was praised at Cinecittà for the inauguration of the platform, exactly one year ago, to present his series Tulsa King -, and above all thanks to the combination that for decades has associated the word ‘cinema’ to the Paramount brand.

So how is the second season of Life As Carlo? Less slapstick of the second and certainly more Roman. Verdone – who has never hidden a certain difficulty in filming ten half-hour episodes (“After all, this is the production model today, we all make series” he said in the press conference) – frees himself from the constraints of time and means that cinema often presents. The result is a second season that is at times melancholic, but certainly more successful than life. The laughter is less forced, the references to current events – which were omnipresent in the first one, due to the political track – are not so disturbing and the guest star they never overwhelm the charisma of Verdone, who as a good host welcomes each of them to give them (at least) one memorable scene.

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In the second season of Life As Carlo, the new one that is advancing has the dual face of the pop star Sangiovanni and the actress Ludovica Martino. The two – in the series – are chosen by Verdone as the interpreters of his author’s film, “his Half past eight as he defines it: Maria F. Sangiovanni will have the task of bringing Carlo to the screen as a young man, while Martino will play the role of the film’s titular protagonist.

At the beginning of the post, find out what Ludovica Martino and Sangiovanni told us. The second season of Life As Carlo is available starting September 15th every Friday with new episodes streaming only on Paramount+.