The girl and the officer, Sura leaves and leaves Istanbul forever

The girl and the officer, Sura leaves and leaves Istanbul forever

The girl and the officer ends with an ending that leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. The television series Kurt Seyit and Shura kept Mediaset viewers company throughout the summer. After two seasons and 46 episodes, the Turkish drama bids farewell to its audience with an epilogue with tragic implications. Starting from the second season, Mürvet entered the scene, the character played by Fahriye Evcen who will become Kurt Seyit’s wife.

The love story between the latter and Şura becomes more and more complicated, to the point that Şura becomes increasingly closer to Petro, Seyit’s sworn enemy. Fortunately, the woman will come to her senses and she will decide not to get married to the traitor, but it is now too late to hope to win Kurt Seyit back. Şura therefore decides to leave Istanbul to try to put some distance between herself and the great love of her life.

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Seyit is now busy with Murvet and she has no intention of coming between them. Although she will always love Seyit, Şura understands that the time has come to leave and start a new chapter in her life: there is nothing keeping her there anymore. Şura says goodbye to Seyit forever and wishes Murvet a peaceful life with her husband. Kurt Seyit arrives at the port just in time to see the ship Şura has boarded set sail for new horizons.

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The following days Seyit is tormented by memories of his love story with Şura: he doesn’t know how he will go on without her. Tina, Şura’s sister, tells him that Şura will always love him and that she protected him until the end. It will be Tina, thanks to what her sister told her, who will unmask the traitor Petro once and for all.

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