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Men and Women, pink bow for Sara Shaimi and Sonny Di Meo: this is what they named their daughter!

Men and Women, pink bow for Sara Shaimi and Sonny Di Meo: this is what they named their daughter!

Sara Shaimi and Sonny Di Meo, the controversial couple of Men and Women, have become parents.

After crossing a strong couple crisis, Sara Shaimi e Sonny Di Meo they gave the public of Men and women unexpected news: the former tronista of the Canale 5 dating show is incites. Now, with emotion and strong emotion, the controversial couple announces the birth of their firstborn, here is the name chosen for the newborn.

Men and Women, Sara and Sonny’s daughter was born

After a tortuous and exciting journey in the study of Men and women Sarah Sahimi e Sonny Di Meo they made people talk about them even away from the cameras, living very strongly couple crisis, like the last one which saw the former suitor together with Aurora Colombo, former suitor of Luca Salatino. It was love between the two for a few weeks, as Sonny then returned to Sara having discovered that her ex-girlfriend was pregnant. An event which, as Shaimi also commented on Instagram when everyone pointed out to her that without the pregnancy she would never have seen Sonny again, it wasn’t blackmail but a real blessing for this couple who found each other again thanks to the love for another human being.

Thus, after months of waiting and criticism, showing complicity to the detriment of the gossips, Sonny and Sara welcomed their firstborn for which they chose the name Nora Belle. The former couple of Men and Women published a sweet shot in the hospital a few hours after giving birth, declaring themselves very happy for the arrival of their beloved little girl. While this couple of men and women celebrates their new, bigger and more beautiful family, arguments and new dramas take place in the studio of the Canale 5 dating show.

After the heavy accusations of Gianni Sperti, Aurora Tropea has returned to make matters worse, finding Maria De Filippi ready to point the finger at her: according to the presenter, in fact, the lady of the over throne would find any excuse to create situations that put her in public difficulty, and then complain about it. A welcome return, however, is that of Barbara De Santi even if the public and the people of the web point out that without the presence of Armando Incarnato, with whom the lady has more than a few unfinished business, the entry into the program will not be as scenic.

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