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Penn Badgley talks about what it was like working with Blake Lively on Gossip Girl after the breakup

Penn Badgley rivela su Blake Lively: «La nostra relazione mi ha salvato»

If there is an area in which Gossip Girl has certainly not held back, and with decidedly variable results, is that of romantic relationships. During his six seasons we witnessed the formation of most disparate couplessome of which, like the one composed of Chuck e BlairI am among the most loved in the history of TV serieswhile others they don’t even deserve to be mentioned. One of the relationships centralas well as one of the most tormented of the entire series, it was certainly the one among l’outsider Dan Humphrey and the it girl Serena van der Woodsenwhich, albeit unquestionably iconic, did not always meet the public’s appreciation during its development. Initially, the story between Dan and Serena seemed like a fairy tale, especially since, as often happens, even the interpreters of the two characters, Penn Badgley and Blake Lively, ended up having a relationship. Unfortunately, however, unlike that of the characters of Gossip Girl, the story between the two actors did not have a happy ending and, as if that wasn’t enough, the two actors they had to continue working together.

Penn Badgley revealed what it was like working with Blake Lively in Gossip Girl after the breakup

In an episode of his podcast PodcrushedPenn Badgley reflected on his experience on the set of Gossip Girl. In particular, during the episode the actor talked about what it was like for him to work together with Blake Lively and play a couple after he and his colleague had broken up in real life. From what I remember, I’m pretty sure we were exes for almost half the entire series airede”the actor said, putting things into perspective .” (The Serie) it lasted for about six years and I think we were together for no more than two? Something like that“.

However, Penn Badgley revealed that both he and Blake Lively have always tried to do their job bestto the point that, by the time they had to shoot the wedding scene between Dan and Serena their past relationship It wasn’t even a problem anymore.

We were always very professional. We had to do a lot of crazy things. Having a fake wedding at the end of the series… I don’t even think, as far as I remember, there was any kind of weirdness. It wasn’t even a problem“, explained Badgley, underlining how at one point all the characters in the series had a relationship with each other: “We have all been in every possible configuration.

When filming the wedding scene in Gossip GirlBlake Lively era already married to her current husband, actor Ryan Reynoldswhile Penn Badgley got married five years later, in 2017, to cantante Domino Church. In short, all’s well that ends well.

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