Big Brother, “Rebecca Staffelli didn’t like” the indiscretion after the first episode

The authors of Big Brother would not have particularly appreciated the work of the Radio 105 speaker in her debut on the reality show as a member commentator.

Rebecca Staffelli, young speaker of Radio 105 and daughter of the well-known correspondent of Striscia La Notizia, Valerio Staffellidebuted on the small screen with the first episode of the new edition of Big Brother come social commentator in place of Giulia Salemi.

What seemed to many to be a good debut came in stark contrast to what ‘s Twitter account revealed Agent Beastan unknown profile who often spreads rumors and previews about the reality show.

“The confirmation arrives about Rebecca Staffelli, she didn’t like it🤔. They will have to review the situation given that Alfonso is a very good friend of her father.”

An indiscretion that currently has no official confirmation from the production or the authors. In the meantime, it seems they are trying to activate the first dynamics with inevitable ships.

“As far as the new pairings are concerned – we always read on the Agent Beast profile – they are proceeding to understand the public’s preferences also for possible ships. The first rumors that arrive refer to Paolo Masella, Grecia Colmenares, Anita Olivieri, Vittorio Menozzi and Beatrice Luzzi, who attracted the attention of the authors and Signorini. A possible affinity between Vittorio Menuzzi and Anita Olivieri is being discussed, with particular attention from Signorini. We are starting to think of a dualism between Grecia Colmenares and Beatrice Luzzi. The beauty and the Beast. “

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