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Ahsoka 1×05 – The shadow warrior

Ahsoka 1x01 - 1x02 - Master and apprentice

Pathos, action, emotion: the fourth episode of Ahsokaminiseries by Star Wars exclusively on Disney+ was truly a feast for the eyes, the perfect example of what fans of the saga love Galaxy Far Far Away they always wanted to see, among dramatic scenes, interesting characters and well-choreographed fights in evocative settings. Now that the expectations regarding the continuation of the story are so high and that we have actually reached over half the episodes of the season, Ahsoka Will 1×05 have managed to maintain the promised standards or will it have fallen as sometimes happens to similar products?

Without further ado we leave you with our review with spoilers of Ahsoka 1×05, entitled The Shadow Warrior. Enjoy the reading!

Let’s start by saying this, despite some small criticisms, we can confidently say that we thoroughly enjoyed this fifth episode of the Disney+ series. This is because, beyond some plot choices that are perhaps questionable and subject to personal taste (but which could only find answers later in time), and a (deliberate) partial slowdown in the pace of the narrative, what we found ourselves front while watching this 1×05 was truly special, both from a visual point of view and from that of the in-depth analysis of the characters involved.

But let’s proceed in order.

The episode restarts exactly from the point where 1×04 left off, with the shocking reunion between Ahsoka and Anakin in what appears to be the World Among Worlds presented by the animated series Star Wars: Rebels within its fifth season. It’s not clear how Ahsoka gets there, especially since we find out how in the “reality” physics the togruta it was sinking into the depths of the ocean. The script, on the other hand, remains mysterious on this particular aspect and does not bother to give explanations: Jacen himself perceives the woman in the water, but at the same time the sounds of lightsaber combat. This choice obviously may not be liked and above all responds to fan service needs that have been invoked for some time a “face-to-face” meeting between the live action versions of Anakin and Ahsokabut which on the other hand, follows a topos as old as the world but which almost always works: the one in which a character poised between life and death has a vision that leads him to choose to survive and save himself.

Whether this choice is acceptable or not, not being moved by the beauty of the images shown on the screen is truly difficult. The setting of what for all intents and purposes appears to be the World Between Worlds it’s truly incredible, as is the one in which, in a muffled atmosphere, we go to retrace two events of vital importance to Ahsoka’s emotional growth over the years occurred in the famous Clone Wars, elements that can be understood in a generic way by all the most attentive viewers, but which, on the other hand, can be contextualized and appreciated more by those who have passionately followed the animated series Of Star Warsin this case especially the numerous seasons of Clone Wars.

Ahsoka 1x05

Thus we witness the reunion between Ahsoka and her Master, a Hayden Christensen decidedly happy to be back in the role of the character who made him famous and who, dressed just like in Clone Wars reflects and makes one reflect Padawanbut also the viewer on the role assumed by the Jedi during the war and how the students, while maintaining their own identity, end up assimilating and making their master’s nature their own, an element that partly scares Ahsoka, who we see now as an adult and more aware, but still with doubts and hesitations, now still young and unaware, one child soldier thrown into a war of which she cannot find the meaning.

Ahsoka 1×05 manages to do a lot, offering some truly incredible and exciting moments, but also visually spectacular: once we saw the episode we fully realized why it was screened in some American cinemas.

The fight between the protagonist and Anakin in the starry darkness in the World between Worlds and the memories of Battle of Ryloth and the very famous Siege of Mandalore, amid the fumes of war they were a real joy for the eyes, above all thanks to excellent photography which, despite playing with soft and opaque tones, managed to make everything clear and distinguishable. Among really good aesthetic choices such as that of overlapping the figure on some occasions Anakin to that of Darth Vader, playing with the colors of the lightsaber and the backgrounds, well choreographed and executed fights and a flawless visual sector, you understand well how difficult it is to criticize this series from a technical point of view. And how can we not mention it the beautiful final scene where we see Ahsoka follow the Purgil routel, the famous Star Wars space whales known to travel at light speed, in the direction of Ezra and Sabine accompanied by a phenomenal soundtrack?

Ma Ahsoka 1×05 is not only beautiful aesthetically and shows that it continues to want to tell deep and well-characterised characters, on the one hand focusing attention on Ahsoka and on his unresolved past with his teacher, on the other hand also giving space to other characters. Although many of the other supporting characters in the series like Sabine and the villains are not present in the episode, a lot of space is in fact given to the little one Jacenwhich is confirmed, as we had hoped, as more than a simple cameo and above all a Hera Syndulla, a truly fascinating character who is easy to empathize with both in the animated version and in the animated version live action. What about the droid then Pliablewho only needs a few lines to make himself unforgettable?

In short, Ahsoka 1×05 may also present some potentially problematic elements, including sections of the screenplay that are difficult to justify (at least until new information) and a fan service perhaps a little too marked, but, in its own way, it turns out to be a necessary episode to loosen up the pace before launching us into what we hope will be an explosive final act. While taking a slight and momentary deviation in its first part from the horizontal plot to delve deeper Ahsokaits motivations and its principles recalling the past, leach episode, in reality, never stops and constitutes an indispensable piece for the continuation of our heroine’s journey, giving hardcore fans of Star Wars truly unforgettable moments.

To find out what will happen to our heroine once she arrives in the new Galaxy, the appointment goes to Wednesday 20 September, only on Disney+.

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