Vladimir Randazzo, Nunzio of Un Posto al Sole, in the cast of Maria Corleone: here’s who he will play

Vladimir Randazzo is known to the audience of Un Posto al Sole for his role as Nunzio Cammarota. But the young actor will also be in the drama Maria Corleone, starting this evening on Canale5. Let’s find out together who he will play!

Starting this evening, September 13thare Canale5 a new fiction will start, Maria Corleone, which will accompany spectators for four events. The TV series with Rosa Diletti Rossi will let us discover the character of Maria Corleone, a determined woman torn between her family – whose past is intertwined with the mafia – and the future in the world of fashion that she is trying to build in Milan. A happy event will take her back to her ancestral land, but this return will be marred by a serious event and will force Maria to enter into the cruel and violent dynamics of his family, still linked to the world of crime.

Maria Corleone: Vladimir Randazzo, the Nunzio Cammarota of Un Posto al Sole, is also in the cast of the Canale5 drama

Il cast of Maria Corleone is full of important names: from the protagonist Rosa Diletta Rossialready known for the role of Rosy Abate, to Alessandro Fella, interpreter of Luca Spada, Maria’s partner and father of her son, Fortunato Cerlino in the role of head of the family Don Luciano Corleone, Giuseppe Tantillo is Rocco Baresi, friend of the Corleone family and main suspect in the bloody events that devastated the family. Other cast members are Federica De Cola, Aglaia Mora, Vittorio Magazzù, Tosca D’Aquino e Augusto Zucchi. But in the cast there is also a face known to fans of the Rai3 soap Un Posto al Sole!

We are talking about Vladimir Randazzointerpreter of Nunzio Cammarota in the Soap, and who broadened his professional experiences by taking part in the fiction of Channel 5 Maria Corleone. In the series he will be the face of Giovanni Corleone, Maria’s twin brother and Don Luciano’s dolphin. His character is defined as:

“Contemptuous of danger, the operational arm of the family’s business, Giovanni hides a protective and generous side, and is very close to his brothers. However, he is too sure of himself and in a land like Sicily, where bold people often have a short lifespan , this aspect of his character will penalize him”

Vladimir Randazzoafter training as a theater actor, he made his cinema debut in 2019 with A mano disarmata, a film dedicated to Federica Angeli, a newspaper reporter The Republic. On TV, he takes part in Rai fiction The young Montalbanoand then landed in the Rai3 Soap in 2021 A Place in the Sunwhere he plays Franco Boschi’s godson, Nunzio Cammarota. Now, fans of his character in the Soap will also be able to follow him in Maria Corleonefiction, directed by Pietro Valsecchi, broadcast on Canale5 starting this evening, September 13th, from 9.30 pm.

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