Marvel: Captain America fans can find the shield LEGO set on sale on Amazon

Amazon recently discounted a LEGO set that will make many Marvel and Captain America fans happy; curious?

Marvel: Captain America fans can find the shield LEGO set on sale on Amazon

If passionate historians Marvel you are in the right place, since Amazon recently discounted an absurdly themed LEGO set Captain America. The supersoldier shield in question is currently available for €169.99, with a 19% discount on its previous price. If interested, all you have to do is go to the following box.

In detail, we are talking about a LEGO Marvel set designed for both adults and children, made up of 3,128 bricks. Once built, you will hold in your hands Captain America’s legendary white, red and blue shield with a protruding star in the center, a stand with a nameplate on which to place it (also seen in Captain America: The First Avenger), and a minifigure theme.

Captain America’s shield

Lo Captain America’s shield it is one of the most famous and iconic objects in the history of comics and cinema. The fame that has always accompanied it is due to a combination of factors: the first of these is the distinctive design characterized by a circular shape with a white star in the center, surrounded by red and white circles. Its is a recognizable simplicity, created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby themselves, the co-creators of Captain America, in 1940. The color scheme was chosen to recall the United States flag, underlining the character’s patriotism.

As can also be seen from the same set LEGO Marvel in question, it is also an object loaded with symbolisms details, recalling hope, freedom and justice. Captain America himself represents these American ideals and aspiration to defend freedom and human rights. The shield, therefore, is nothing more than their direct confirmation and determination to protect them. During the Second World War, when the character was created he was, together with his shield, a source of inspiration for the American soldiers and civilians involved in the conflict.

Marvel, a canceled television series would have introduced one of the most powerful Avengers many years earlier

What are you waiting for to get a LEGO set like this? Perfect both for Marvel fans interested in expanding their collection and as an original and out of the ordinary gift idea.

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