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X Factor 2023: the rough diamonds edition explained by Morgan, Fedez, Dargen D’Amico and Ambra Angiolini

X Factor 2023: the rough diamonds edition explained by Morgan, Fedez, Dargen D'Amico and Ambra Angiolini

The 2023 edition of X Factor, the Sky Original talent show produced by Fremantle, was presented today. Ambra Angiolini, Morgan, Dargen D’Amico and Fedez spoke about new guidelines and the commitment that will be necessary to transform still immature artists into popstars or rockstars.

Finally here we are: X Factor 2023 is about to leave, and the First episode is expected for Thursday 14 September on Sky Uno at 9.15pm and streaming on NOW. Il talent show Sky Original produced by Fremantle it will certainly launch the artists of the future and will unleash a healthy competition among the judges, who will have to prepare their competitors for the final, scheduled for December 8th.

At the table, this time, there are no newcomers but artists who are familiar with XF: Amber Angiolini, Dargen D’Amico, Morgan e Fedez. Today everyone was at the press conference to present the program, which will begin, as per tradition, with the Audition. In reality this important and usually fun phase has already passed, but none of the magnificent 4 of X Factor 2023 rightly told what happened and who was chosen to move on to Bootcamp. We too will keep our mouths shut. However, we can anticipate that right at Audition it will be a great variety of genres and performances: pop, urban, author music, rock in all its forms, many unreleased songs and the usual covers of famous songs. And then musical instruments such as guitar and piano. According to Dargenthere will be no shortage of experimental music and song-theater.

He will host the show again Francesca Michielinwho was not present at the press meeting but who, according to Antonella D’Erricor, Executive Vice President Programming of Sky Italia, was one of the revelations of X Factor 2022.

The elephant in the room

Antonella D’Errico she is also the first to speak in front of journalists and to underline the need to deal with the so-called elephant in the room, which would be the homophobic words said by Morgan during a concert-lesson on Franco Battiato in Selinunte:

The choice to have Morgan as a judge is both ours and Fremantle’s and depends on the fact that he has decided to allocate half of his fee to an association that represents values ​​of inclusion and diversity. This gesture made his apologies authentic and concrete”

The association to which half of the profit will go Morgan is called Rainbow House and welcomes young people who have come out or have begun a gender transition journey, and who have been rejected by their families. Specifically, 50% of the money destined for the frontman of Blu Vertigo it will be used for the modernization and furnishing of 4 new structures.

Morgan he looks really sorry for what happened, and says:

It was a difficult time. During the concert a complex dynamic was created, which however generated an evident linguistic error. Words are very important: they can offend, wound, they can be heavy weapons. Since I realize this, I wanted to transform my wrong word into a real gesture.

The big news of the 2023 edition of X Factor

The 2023 edition of X Factor presents some interesting newsfor example the opening of castings, with masses of kids who brought their instruments and their dreams, and then the return to Home Visit. Last but not least, contestants have been selected who are not necessarily ready to go on stage, but who, thanks to the judges, can be transformed into artists. These guys are called “diamonds in the rough” by Antonella D’ErricoWhile Paola Costaproject leader of

The word to the judges

Amber Angiolini

Now that the elephant is out of the way, it’s time to listen to what the other judges have to say. Amber she is happy to sit at the table again and assures that, in case of tension, she will take care of bringing back the joy during X Factor 2023:

Every year I dance, I always start like this, to bring peace to hearts. Ambra dances and when she does badly she sings T’appartengo.

Then the actress talks about the possible contestants heard during the Audition:

We were so impressed by the kids in these auditions and I think that’s already a good sign. We clashed, but it’s right to teach kids that you can take a stand, that the sense of responsibility is something revolutionary in this country. I think there are some important sub-signals in this edition, apart from the music. We need people who don’t care a little about what works or doesn’t work, in other words who are capable of bringing something that is healthy, that is life. And it doesn’t matter if it’s naïve or old-fashioned, because genres are invented like that too. We have chosen competitors willing to make mistakes in front of everyone, to arrive without having any certainty and try to follow a journey with us. I would add that leaving the ego at home, especially for us judges, is often complicated, but this time we managed it, and it was useful for everyone.


Perhaps Fedez he had some difficulties in the X Factor stages preceding the Live shows. In fact she says:

What little is known is that the kids come to us judges after an initial screening done by the X Factor staff. This time the skimming was lacking, and the change of line was immediately evident. We worked on projects that somehow still needed a specific connotation, a direction to take, which required more in-depth work on our part, an interior work that had probably never been done before.

Dargen D’Amico

Then it’s up to Dargen D’Amicothat explains:

The role we consciously and unconsciously play is both that of being the kids’ producers, which means trying to very quickly identify a path to take artistically, and of playing down when the contestants feel in difficulty, because X Factor is above all a game. We are all serious here, but it must be said that this is truly an entertainment program, in which, therefore, we must above all entertain young people who are making a rather complex choice: definitively deciding whether to do this job in life or not. Often it is not possible to go back, even if there is room for everyone in Italy. You may not be a real talent, but if you are convinced that you want to enter the bombastic world of entertainment, you will most likely succeed.


The meeting with journalists ends Morganwho is always a magnificent storyteller as well as a great connoisseur of music:

When X Factor started, there was nothing new: Simona Ventura and I introduced it, then the rest of the world did as we did. From that moment the discography took notice of the talent. They had taken it a little lightly, and instead very important artists came out of here: the Maneskin, Marco Mengoni, Michele Bravi, Noemi. In general I like it when someone has something to say and that they do it through their voice. When I engage with an artist, he must have heart, brain, culture, but also spontaneity, genuineness, sincerity. These kids live in a world that doesn’t believe in them, their relatives or friends make fun of them, and then only we can be the ones who say: ‘Commit yourself, because you’re truly worth it’.

Finally Morgan looks at Fedez and exclaims:

After 9 years I found a very matured and very professional Fedez: these are things that I really like, because I’m realizing that he is a point of reference in television professionalism, so hats off.”

X Factor 2023: where and when to see it, and what will be seen in the episodes

In summary, the appointment with the First episode Of X Factor 2023 And Thursday 14 September at 9.15pm on Sky Uno and streaming on NOW. The talent show will always be available on demand and visible on Sky Go. X Factor 2023 it will also be clear on TV8, to button 8 on the remote control, every Wednesday starting from September 20thin prime time.

At Audition the episodes of 14, 21 and 28 September will be dedicated. Then it will be the turn of the Bootcamp, on 5 and 12 October. On October 19th space for Home Visit and finally we will start with i Live Show.

The photo in the article is from Virginia Bettas.