Saturday, February 24, 2024

Big Brother VIP, Nikita Pelizon’s appeal and the dig at Alfonso Signorini

Big Brother VIP, Nikita Pelizon's appeal and the dig at Alfonso Signorini

Nikita Pelizon, winner of the last edition of Big Brother VIP, expressed some regret on Twitter for the host’s behavior.

Before the debut of the new edition of Big Brother, Nikita Pelizion, winner of the last VIP editionmade an appeal to her supporters, hoping that her fandom that brought her to triumph does not forget her:

“Another GF begins – Nikita wrote on Tweeter. For me they have been extremely constructive months. Thanks anyway, forever. The question is: now that another edition begins, how many Nikiters will remain? Angels, I would like many of you to support me, will it continue like this?”

But it didn’t end there because Nikitaresponding to a user, seems to have launched a dig at Alfonso SignorinI, guilty, apparently, of no longer considering it:

Personally, from a person who says he adores you and kisses you on the mouth in public but then in private, doesn’t respond to you either on WhatsApp, or on Instagram, or when he receives one of your paintings as a gift… I can’t expect anything different. I observe and move forward!

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