Storm of love, Merle returns to the Furstenhof for Gerry?

Storm of love, Merle leaves but stays with Gerry, will he come back?

Storm of love, Merle leaves Hamburg but stays with Gerry: does he return to the “Furstenhof”? This is the question of the fans of the long-running German soap opera who for months have been witnessing the unexpected love story between Gerry and his first girlfriend Merle.

Who believed that the nice Richter he would forever flirt with Shirin was wrong. Our Gerry, in fact, has fallen in love with another girl, even if at the same time he has never forgotten Shirin.

Despite this, love was born between Gerry and Merle, but it’s not always all roses and flowers in a couple. In fact, after an initial period of cuddles and flirting, the first big obstacle arrives for the two boys: Merle’s move to England.

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Moments of sadness and melancholy then follow between the two sweethearts who say goodbye with the promise of maintaining a long-distance relationship. So Merle leaves for Hamburg for work reasons, while Gerry’s morale slowly falls apart. What will happen in the future between the two?

Johannes Huth plays Gerry Richter in a scene from Johannes Huth plays Gerry Richter in a scene from “Tempesta D’Amore” broadcast on Rete 4. Credits: Das Erste/Mediaset.

How does Love Storm end between Merle and Gerry?

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In the next episodes of Love storm Merle torna al “Furstenhof” to reunite with Gerry? Well the answer is yes! Gerry and Merle continue to prove to be more and more united than ever, but Merle will soon realize that the boy is not able to live their long-distance love story very well.

For this reason, without even thinking twice, Merle decides to immediately return to Bichlheim and surprise her boyfriend. The latter will not be able to contain himself from the happiness of seeing his girlfriend again, immediately starting to enjoy every moment spent together before his next departure.

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However, precisely in this happy context, Merle will realize how Shirin is increasingly a fundamental part in Gerry’s life, which is why the girl will begin to ask herself questions and find answers for herself.

Is there perhaps requited love between the two? Although initially Gerry will never be able to admit it, Merle herself will figure it out first. For this reason, Merle will make a shocking decision: give up his job to stay in Bichlheim. But will this really be able to prevent love from breaking out between Shirin and Gerry?

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