Men and women, Perla and Mirko guests in the studio: rags fly between the two former Temptation Island competitors (VIDEO)

In the episode of Men and Women broadcast today on Canale5, two of the protagonists of Temptation Island, Perla and Mirko, are guests in the studio, ready for a confrontation. Let’s see together what happened!

Today, Sept. 11are Canale5 the usual appointment with is back Men and womenthe dating show hosted by Maria De Filippi. In the first episode of the new edition Gemma Galgani she met a new suitor, Antonino. Today’s guest will be Filippo Bisciglia and some former Temptation Island competitors.

Men and Women, guest in the studio Filippo Bisciglia and the confrontation between Perla and Mirko

The first episode of the new season of Men and women it opens with a general round of greetings from the pundits Tina Cipollari e Gianni Sperti to the knights and ladies of the throne over. As a note Tinait seems that in both parterres there are several new faces, alongside some historical figures, such as Roberta Di Padua, Aurora Tropea and Gemma Galgani. The latter enters the scene after the production airs a summary video of her summer and the Turin lady says she is enthusiastic and excited to be back in the Elios studios. A new suitor descends for her: Antoninus from Savona, younger than her and that the lady immediately agrees to let stay and decides to dance with. Maria De Filippi then announces as a special guest the host of Temptation Island, Filippo Biscigliawhich is greeted in the studio by a riot of applause.

The first competitors whose news the presenter asks for and whose videos she shows is that of Perla e Mirko, who closed their journey at the end of the program, choosing to go out with their respective tempters, Greta and Igor. After the last bonfire, the two exes never saw each other again, so much so that Perla complained that she hadn’t had a real confrontation with her ex. Maria De Filippi announces that this comparison will now take place in the studio and that together with the two exes there are also their respective new companions. The first to enter are Greta and Mirko, hand in hand and smiling like never before. The former competitor admits that he is excited, but immediately starts by saying that he was rather disappointed by Perla’s attitude and by her constant attacks. Regarding the future with Greta, he admits that for now they are thinking about how to reduce the distance that separates them, given that they live in different cities.

The moment arrives for Perla and Igor to enter: the girl immediately makes it clear that he has no bitterness towards Gretabecause he doesn’t hold her responsible. However, she doesn’t fail to throw in a little dig, admitting that she preferred to focus on herself, because it wasn’t acceptable to open up to a new person. Perla reproaches Mirko for not having wanted a confrontation away from the cameras and that this lack of confrontation was derived from the ex’s choice to run to Gretajust finished the experience on Temptation Island. Mirko he interrupts her by saying that she is lying and that they had a telephone conversation and that he had found serenity with Greta and it was right that he wanted to spend more time with her. The argument between the two becomes heated, with several accusations thrown by both sides.

To the question of Maria about how you feel seeing Pearl, Mirko he states that he has no anger towards him, but Perla insists that his behavior was not acceptable, because 5 years of relationship and cohabitation would have deserved greater tact and attention in breaking up. The one to intervene is Maria De Filippi once again: the presenter urges both of them to let go of this anger that has emerged, because they are both beautiful people. At the moment, however, both boys still seem very resentful towards each other, so the discussion ends quite abruptly, although definitively.

Men and Women, Pinuccia Della Giovanna guest in the studio to present her single!

Surprisingly, Tina e Gianni they announce that Pinuccia Della Giovanna is a guest in the studio to present her hit: the former lady of the oversized throne appears in a pink dress and wide-brimmed hat and performs the single that launched her as a singer, inspired by her experience on the dating show. After the performance, Pinuccia he asks permission to stay and watch the broadcast, revealing that in the coming weeks he will have several dates in which he will sing his summer hit. When Tina he asks her if she is still looking for love, the former lady replies that she would like to find a mate, because “In life, love is always needed!”.

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