The relationship between Chibs and Jax is comparable to a love story

Warning: avoid reading if you don’t want to encounter spoilers Sons of Anarchy

Living in SAMCRO is a serious matter, it’s not just about loyalty to the name and to the group. Living but also growing up in SAMCRO represents a real life choice, for which one is willing to sacrifice everything and everyone. Always with his own head, even with his own inclinations. Jax Tellerthe prince of Sons that he will become king, he knows it well. He wasn’t just born and raised in the lead group of the series Sons of Anarchyyes it is above all made a man in that circle restricted, with those fixed and (almost) inviolable rules, she made that lifestyle one of her characteristics. Yet, all the same Jax Teller who always thought he wanted to follow in his late father’s footsteps JT, he has doubts, he happens to question everything. Why Jax he’s used to that life, but it’s also a lot attracted by a different reality, from innovation, from greater ideals. And at his side, always, in all of this there are various figures: there is his wife Tarathere is the trusted friend Opieand then (calmly, not immediately) it will be there Chibswhich will really make a difference. Chibs he is a veteran of the Sons of Anarchy, he’s Irish, he’s brusque and brilliant, he believes in SAMCRO like few others. In time, her greatest role is to assist the princeto help him become king, never forgetting loyalty and love.

Sons of Anarchy

The very first relationship that is established between the two, between Jax e Chibsis not of the overwhelming type, we do not notice much harmony except that given by the brotherhood and by belonging to the group of Sons (which should never be taken for granted, however). They seem, in the initial stages of the series, almost distant from each other and often their relationship is also hampered by other SAMCRO members who place the two on opposite or contrasting positions. Their story of friendship and love develops calmlytakes its time and makes us enjoy small moments that become more and more important. Jax e Chibs they need to fight to come together, of arguing and then finding ourselves on the same front. They need to fall to get back up, in style Sons of Anarchy, in full anarchic and rebellious lifestyle. The first impression you have of Chibs and his relationship with Jax it is that of a sort of mutual reverence; immediately, in fact, Chibs can see the leader within Jax and that needs to come out. She sees it well because he knew JT, the boy’s father, very well and he knows that certain genes cannot be erased. Jaxhowever, has enormous respect for Chibs who taught him to live in Sons, together with his other brothers. We will see the resolution of this reverential tension right at the end, when Chibs has no qualms about taking a step back to make way for a Jax.

Theirs is a love story, one of those not taken for granted, the kind that you don’t notice right away, that overwhelm you little by little and that also leave a certain bitter taste in your mouth. Yet, it is a sincere, true and above all passionate love story. Both have no shortage of passion, the strength that carries them forward comes entirely from visceral love for the group, for its survival and for its realization. They have common ideals, common goals and, most of all, they have the energy to carry on until the end. Despite everything, despite the frequency with which death knocks on their door. When Jax loses Opiewhen everyone loses Opie, Chibs is ready to support it because he knows what it means to lose a true friendbecause he also lost JT (and not only), because he knows that, in addition to all the deplorable actions that can be done every day to maintain a certain lifestyle, there is and must always be friendship. Chibs it’s there for Jaxeven when Jax he doesn’t ask, even when you think you don’t need it. This can’t just be friendship, this is a visceral love that doesn’t need words.

Sons of Anarchy

The love between Chibs e Jax it’s not one of the glossy ones, it is dirty with a rude feeling, is consolidated in actions and not in words, or at least almost never. Yet, those hugs that we see between the two are full of hidden meanings that become clear to us by looking at their eyes and thinking back to the stories that gave rise to them. Those hugs remain and marked the entire seriesremain imprinted in the collective imagination of all Sons of Anarchy. They are not only powerful, they are significant and literal and tell us about a troubled and very inconstant relationship which, however, becomes necessary and imposing. Chibs it really becomes part of the life of Jax at the right time for his redemption, for his change: Jax he is continually undecided about which path to take, whether that of his parents, Gemma and JT, or that of spiritual redemption, of the overturning of some rules that have always marked the future of SAMCRO. Chibs comes at a time when Jax is most afflicted with the thought of liberation of children from a petty reality like that of crime. Chibs which, despite having always been there, supports Jax in the most crucial moment, he manages to impose his presence in a coherent way and manages to be impartial and advise him in a cold and rational way, without lapsing into sentimentality.

Sons of Anarchy

Theirs is a true love, one of those that allows you to improve yourself, to see yourself from a different perspective and that puts you in front of a fait accompli, without beating around the bush or sugarcoating the pill. The two love each other differently: Chibs he claims Jax but he always does it with a very specific purpose, which it is not only personal but instead often involves the group as well. Chibsas a good veteran, knows that Jax he finds it difficult to see himself as an individual separate from others Sons and precisely for this reason it never forces him to choose to move away, but rather encourages him to expose his new ideas, to carry forward his ideals which, even if different, should not be thrown away. Chibs he knows the weak point of Jax I am Abel e Thomashis children, and will do everything to support him in the selection process. Especially at the end, when he takes over SAMCRO and lets it go Abel e Thomas we have a different life ahead of them. He takes on “dirty” responsibilities so that they don’t have to do it, so that he doesn’t have to do it Jax, so that they can live a different life. The love of Jax per Chibson the other front, is love for a father is love for a brotherit’s visceral and it’s also physical.Chibs it comes for him only after his earliest father figures fade away: before JT and then Clay. Jax see in Chibs a valid advisor who, in addition to love, she knows how to give him a hand, security and stability, which ultimately is all you can ask for from both a father and a loved one. And that’s exactly why Jaxaware of the sacrifice he is about to make, he will leave everything in the hands of the only person who has always honestly advised him, Chibs.

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