The Promise: Amparo Pinero, Carmen from Un Altro Domani, is Martina in the Soap. Here’s what will happen to his character

Let’s find out together something more about Martina, one of the protagonists of La Promessa, the Canale5 soap. Here’s who plays her and what will happen to her character in the next episodes.

Among the new characters of The Promise there is the beautiful and intelligent Martina. The girl, daughter of Don Alonso’s brother, arrived at the estate per support cousin Leonor and for give her a hand in forgetting Mauro. The young woman managed to propose to the Marquis and’alternative to get away from his bad memories and proposed that she take his place at the fashion school in Paris. But precisely this proposal and the recommendation to pretend to be her and not to reveal her true identity to anyone, immediately made us prick up our antennas. What is Martina hiding? But above all, have you noticed who plays her?

The Promise: Amparo Piñero and Martina De Lujan

Martina is interpreted by the actress Amparo Piñeroknown already by the Italian soap audienceper having played Carmen in Another Tomorrow. A coincidence of fate or a precise choice of schedule, made us find Piñero again in another afternoon appointment, such as that of La Promessa, after the conclusion from the stories of Carmen and Julia. L’last episode of Another Tomorrow she’s gone airing August 17, 2023 but we will not lose sight of the beautiful Amparo.

The actress began to work a Another Tomorrow in 2021 after being became famous in the series Summertime e in 2023 she landed at The promise.

The Promise: what will happen to Martina?

After thegoodbye to Leonor, Martina took her place in plot of The Promise. L’arrival of the girl to the estate, we anticipate it, will leave more and more perplexed his uncle Don Alonso, who however will not be able to see clearly in the matter, due to his bad relations with his brother. There presence of the young woman will be increasingly ambiguous and mysteriousabove all when he meets again with Beatriz Oltraa his old acquaintance e his enemy. You will find that the young woman knows Martina’s most terrible secrets and it will be ready to reveal them if she won’t do something for her. We reveal that Beatriz will aim to have free rein with CurroThat he will fall in love with the beautiful De Lujan and what will come romantically reciprocated. But things, due to terrible lies, will get seriously complicated.

The Promise and Another Tomorrow: this is who Amparo Piñero is

Amparo Pinero And born in Murcia on December 13, 1997 and he immediately showing a great love for acting from an early age. She thus decided to follow her great passion, studying in the schools of Cristina Rota and Juan Codina, and then obtaining her degree in the Higher School of Dramatic Art. Besides acting, Protection she also put a lot of effort into the study of danza, especially contemporary and jazz, attending some courses with Susanna Ruiz, and then becoming passionate about tap dancing. She made her debut in some theater show but also in musicalcome Bernarda Alba’s housedirected by Michael John La Chiusa. In 2021, Protection arrives in Italy and becomes a famous face for all fans of Netflixinterpreting Lola Ortega in the TV series Summertime. In 2023 arrives at The promise and in the series The Farads.

The promise va broadcast from Monday to Friday at ore 14.45 are Canale5.

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