Sabrina Impacciatore on the red carpet of Venice 2023 at 2 am to shoot Call My Agent 2

Not only did we talk about cinema Venezia 2023, which he is hosting these days the 80th edition of the famous exhibition. At about 2am on Friday 8 Septemberpenultimate day of event, the Venice 2023 red carpet he transformed for a few hours into the set from the second season of one of the series Funniest Sky Originals of recent years, Call My Agent. The new episodes of remake of the successful French series Ten percentwhere alongside actors who play a television version of themselves we find others in the role of busy agency employees CMAwill be released on Sky in early months of 2024. And the protagonist of the episode shot on the red carpet of Venice 2023 will be none other than Sabrina Impacciatore.

The very Italian Sabrina Impacciatore is recovering from a huge success which also launched it in the United States. The actress, in fact, was one of the protagonists of the second season of The White Lotus, set in our country and filmed largely in Taormina; her role in the series earned her a Emmy nomination for Best Supporting Actress. Now the actress is ready to go back to acting in a TV series, and this time in Italy.

Venice 2023 becomes the set of a scene of Call My Agent 2: Sabrina Impacciatore and the “accident” on the red carpet

I am around 2 am at the Lido of Venice and on red carpet of the Venice Film Festival an embarrassed one Sabrina Impacciatore has a little accident with her evening gownand Sheer black lace dress. Among spectators of the scene, as well as a host of fake photographersThere are also Pif and Maurizio Lastrico. In fact, this is not an event that really happened: the Venice 2023 red carpet turned into the set of a scene from the second season of Call My Agent. To document everything, a video shot by Corriere della Sera.

Do you kick him out?he says in video one Pif jokingly turned to the journalistfor which it was impossible to intercept Sabrina Impacciatore, shot only from afar. Also Maurizio Lastricowho plays the agent in the series Gabriele, could not provide many details on the plot of the episode starring the Italian actress. “The scene is really just a red carpet“, explained Maurizio Lastrico, who limited himself to nodding significantly when the journalists mentioned Impacciatore’s presence.”(We had fun) A lot. The names have already come out“, continued Lastrico speaking about Call My Agent 2. “We’ve already filmed with many, many guests and it was nice. Even more intense than the first season, we got even deeper into things“.

Sabrina Impacciatore will not be the only guest star of Call My Agent 2in his six episodes the series will see alternating Valeria Golino and Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Gabriele Muccino and Gian Marco Tognazzi, Claudio Santamaria, Serena Rossi and Elodie. We just have to wait for 2024 to see the scene filmed by Sabrina Impacciatore in Venice and much more in Call My Agent 2.

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